Pirate101 Beta Is Open!

Pirate101 New From KingsIsle!

We’re very excited to see the news from KI about their new game Pirate101. The new video of the game is wonderful and awesome!

We learned on Facebook today that they have opened a contest to become Beta Testers. Of course we signed up immediately! I hope they pick us to play. Both my son and I are VERY excited to see this new game.

It has received rave reviews thus far. I’m already planning our new Pirate Blog!

Don’t miss out on your change to get into the game too. Go to their website and sign-in with your Wizard101 account. If you don’t have one, here’s your chance to sign-up for hours of fun and excitement!

You can increase your chances to win a Beta Game Key by visiting the sites listed by the Pirate masters @ Pirate101’s Closed Beta Information.

And check out some of the great fan sites that are offering Beta Key giveaways.

Our favorites are:

You can also enter give-a-way raffle contests on Wizard101 and Pirate101 Central.

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