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More News In Forbes

Grubs & Pirates

Pirate101 Co-Creator Josef Hall Talks Grub Guardian And Future Games Expansion in Forbes Magazine.

Here’s the part of the article that caught my attention the most:

When will people be able to play Pirate101?
Soon! In fact, we have already let thousands of external testers into our Beta test, and we’re adding more testers on an almost-daily basis.

Yeah!! I like that “daily basis” part!

There is a continually updated list of giveaways located at: Pirate101: Closed Beta News.

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What’s Your Pirate Name?

Find Your Pirate Name

Do a quick Google search and you’ll find several places online that generate your very own Pirate Name. A topic of discussion on Pirate101 Central. Our favorite place for these generators is A Pirate Quiz.

We found ours:

I’m: Sneaky Scarlett Jack
Scarlett Jack sounds like a wench all by itself. Add the Sneaky part and she sounds like a great thief. What else would a pirate wench be anyway! I like it!

The little kid went looking for his as well:  Dirty Sam Bonney
I can’t keep this kid out of the bath he turned out “Dirty” is beyond me!

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