The Pirate Spiral Worlds

Click Here To Learn About The Pirate WorldsSailing Through The Spiral

Like Wizard101 there are many worlds to discover in Pirate101. You can meet pirates from distant lands, find treasure and of course battle creatures big and small.

So once you’ve learned about the Life of A Pirate, take some time to get to know the Pirate Spiral too.

Where you have World Gates in Wizard101, you have Stormgates and Skyways in Pirate 101.


There are 4 main worlds so far in the Pirate Spiral. Each one has its own level of challenges and quests to fulfill. The first place you’ll find is Skull Island.

Click Here To Learn About The Pirate Worlds

Skyways and Windlanes
Skyways and Windlanes lay the lands within a world. Where as in Wizard 101 you can run from Unicorn Way or Triton Avenue, here you sail from place to place.

Ships don’t sail through the rough seas… but instead through majestic Skyways! Island hop around the Spiral by sailing your Ship in a magical sky. Each world has its own unique Skyway with magical areas to unlock and discover.

The skyways are filled with treacherous dangers. There are enemy ships and dangerous wild life that can attack your ship, or board it and attack you like dangerous Battacuda and Flying Fish. There are also windstorms and other natural disasters that can destroy your ship as you travel through the Pirate Spiral.

Windlanes help you avoid these dangers. Which ever direction you’re traveling, you can enter a Windlane and it will take you safely through the sky. You can also repair your ship faster within a Windlane.


To traverse from world to world in the Wizard Spiral, you and your pet can run through a World Gate. But those gates are pretty small to get your crew through and you’d really have to squeeze your ship through those doors too.

So here in the Pirate Spiral you will sail your ship through a Stormgate.

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Once you complete the Main Quests in Skull Island, you’ll be given your first quest that will take you through a stormgate to a new world to explore.

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