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New Mounts!

Mount Data

The Thunderous Kirin

Mounts available in the crown shop!Victoria has acquired her first Pirate101mount. The Kirin that she has lovingly named Artemis. Yeah, like the Musketeer.

What I like bet about the mounts, you can paint them whatever color you want from the very beginning. So Artemis wears the same colors as Victoria’s ship.

There are some familiar mounts in Pirate101, such as the flying turtle, manta ray, prancing pony and the familiar wings. But there are some new mounts as well.

The Kirin caught my attention because he’s so unique!

Victoria Bristol & ArtemisVictoria Bristol & Artemis

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Quest Journal #1 – Skull Island

Click Here To Learn About The Pirate WorldsWe Enter The Pirate Spiral

Welcome to the Pirate Spiral. As you enter the world of Pirates, get familiar with how things work. Take some time to read A Pirate’s Life – Things to know BEFORE you start the game and The Pirate Spiral Worlds – What to expect and how to get around. These two posts will cover some basics that you may not know about Pirate101.

When you enter the Spiral you’ll be in the world of Skull Island. You will be in Avery’s Court. Here you will find the shops for this world, training teachers and ports to other areas in this world. Like Skull Island itself.

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