Quest Journal #1 – Skull Island

Click Here To Learn About The Pirate WorldsWe Enter The Pirate Spiral

Welcome to the Pirate Spiral. As you enter the world of Pirates, get familiar with how things work. Take some time to read A Pirate’s Life – Things to know BEFORE you start the game and The Pirate Spiral Worlds – What to expect and how to get around. These two posts will cover some basics that you may not know about Pirate101.

When you enter the Spiral you’ll be in the world of Skull Island. You will be in Avery’s Court. Here you will find the shops for this world, training teachers and ports to other areas in this world. Like Skull Island itself.

The Lost Fool

The Lost Fool – Aedan’s First Boat

Some of the first things to do here is explore Avery’s Court, then talk to Avery. He’ll give you the very first quest of your Pirate life. In return, he’ll give you a ship. Well..if you can call it that. Don’t get too excited; you’re lucky if it doesn’t fall apart in the breeze. And it’s really more of a boat than a ship.

Find Prospector Zeke. Yep the old explorer is here in Pirate101 too. When you become a level 4 Pirate, he’ll have a quest for you to find the Marquis Mark’s bananas. You won’t get the quest right away, but make sure you check back in with Zeke so you can find the bananas and earn training points.

Training points are very valuable things to have! You can buy them in each tavern by talking to the Professor, the Training Tome vendor. As you level up the training tomes get more expensive so make sure you collect as much gold as you can. If you accidentally get in a battle, go through it anyway just so you can collect the gold. It’s also a nice way to collect experience and level up.

Each island will have specific quests to continue the game, but you’ll also find a great deal of side quests. Don’t look at these as being tedious. They can earn you stuff! The most valuable (in my opinion) are the training points for your companions. They also earn you experience and gold. Here in Skull Island, my favorite side quest is trying to save Captain Michael Stone who got bottled with his ship! Egads. You get 2 training points for this one.

So without further adieu, let’s get started!

Skull Island
Skull Island is your main home, much like Wizard City is in Wizard 101. Your first home is here, your teachers are here and the first areas of battle and questing are here. You’ll also come back here several times for new quests.

Avery’s Court
There’s not a lot that happens here in the beginning of the game. You learn about the area, the game, how to get some things and how things work. It’s educational and you’ll learn some things you do need to know. You can visit your trainer before you receive a quest to go find them. Make sure you seek them out to learn new abilities and don’t forget to train your companion crew along the way. They will help you in battles and you want them to be as strong as you are.

Skull Island - Avery's Court

Skull Mountain
Here you will have your first battles and learn about combat. Be ready for a new experience in battling. This area is seems to be designed to teach you the basics of battling. There’s nothing tough or overly exciting about this area. You’re simply trying to get to Skull Cave.

Skull Island - Skull Mountain

Skull Cave
Here your mission is to find the hidden entrance to the temple. It’s fairly easy to find. Think about where you’d hide a doorway in here.

Skull Island - Skull Cave

Temple Of Gloom
Back to having some combat battles. Now here in the temple you’ll learn about allies. Some times you’ll run into people who share your mission to catch, find or defeat an enemy. They will meet you in a battle area and assist you in facing said mutual enemy.

Skull Island - Fin DorselYou won’t have control over what they do, who they decide to target and from what I can tell, they won’t help you defeat the main Boss in the combat arena. But that doesn’t mean they’re not useful or helpful.

You’ll be sent to drain the temple and you’ll have to fight a large number of troggies. Don’t waste your time on them. Focus as much as you can on the temple’s stone totems. When you trigger all three, you’ll win the battle.

My favorite part of the temple is facing “Fin Dorsal”. He’s modeled after one of my favorite movie characters from one of my favorite movies “The Chronicles Riddick”. Right down to his opening line “Pirate, You made three mistakes. First, you took the job. Second..”..well I’ll let you hear the rest first hand. Fin even looks a bit like Vin Diesel. Including the trademark dark goggles.

Skull Island - Temple of Gloom

Once you complete your tasks here on Skull Mountain, you’ll go back to talk to Avery. He plays a bit of a game with you and your new mean But you will have access to a new area once you talk with him.

Skull Island-Tavern
Here you get your first access to the shop area. Take time to visit them, sell what you don’t want, compare what you have to what you can buy and improve your Pirate’s strength, agility, and so on for the up coming battles.

At some point you’ll be sent to the Kraken Skulls Tavern. It’s packed with people you’re going to interact with. Including Prospector Zeke.

Skull Island - Skull Island

Black Rock Cave:
Your visit to Blood Shoals will send you on a quest to put Captain Gunn’s crew to rest. One of the destinations for accomplishing that mission is to visit Black Rock Cave back here on Skull Island. You’ll have 3 turns to rescue Young Nick from doom. Then you spend the rest of the time trying to protect him from harm. Which isn’t so easy since he insists on fighting too. Use one of your Crew to rescue Nick while you and the rest of your crew focus your attentions on Buster Crab.

Skull Island Skyway
Get ready to sail through the skyway for your first time. Watch out for enemy ships and flying fish. For your first flight, try to stay in the windlanes until you get a hang of steering your ship.

Your first destination will be to Blood Shoals, and there’s a windlane close by to get you there (My son calls them the windways). Fly in the direction you want to go when you enter the windlane and it will take you near the island. To get out of the windlane, turn your ship and you’ll exit. When you approach the dock a pop up window will appear for you to press X to dock your ship.

Blood Shoals
There are several quests here so make sure you explore the island and find everyone you need to talk to.

When you receive the quest to rescue Young Nick from Black Rock Cave back on Skull Island pay attention to the cage. You only have 3 turns to rescue him from the cage or he drops into the boiling pot. You’ll be kicked out of the cave and forced to start over again. So plan your battle moves well.

Traitor’s Cave
Your main quest on the Shoals is to talk to Lasko, Jack, Manny and Moe in Traitor’s Cave. Each one will have a unique mission for you to complete.

Jonah Town
You’ll make two trips to Jonah Town. One is a brief introduction that sends you on a quest to Rapa Nui.

The Gullet in Jonah Town
The second visit sends you to a unique place to talk to the FrogFather. I like him, he makes you an offer you can’t refuse. He’ll give you a mission and you’ll want to complete it. You’ll receive a very nice gift in return. Before you leave however, check around Gullet for additional quests to complete. Especially Strong John Silver. His quest will set up a series of quests that lead you to more quests and..well you get the idea.


Rapa Nui
You don’t do a lot here at first. But take time to check in with the vendors to see if you can improve your equipment and attire. You will get a quest that once completed will gain you a life potion bottle that restores your Companion without having to find a Life Fountain, as well as your health.

The Presidio
The Presidio is a dungeon. Your main goal is to acquire the spice and return it to the FrogFather. But you’ll meet a very interesting prisoner here as well.

The prisoner you meet depends on the questions you answered when you first created your pirate. Remember when you were asked how you lost your parents? The tragedy you selected will determine the companion you meet here.

  • Dead Mike (Undead Pirate) – Mutiny
  • Lucky Jack Russell (Dog Pirate) – Shipwrecked
  • Gaspard de Vole (Guinea Pig Guard) – Armada
  • Milo Graytail (Rat Brigand) – Storm
  • Birgus Latro (Crab Thug) – Squid Attack

The prisoner knew your parents and served with them on their ship. He/she remembers you and makes mention of how much you’ve grown. As touching as your family reunion is, there are things to do. One of which is to free the prisoner from the Monkey guards.

Once you have the key (which is not an easy battle), you can release the prisoner and they will help you in the final battle to get to the spice. That battle isn’t to difficult. But the one to get the key is. So make sure you have the equipment from your backpack to help you in combat. Also focus on the main boss. Defeat him and the others automatically fall.

You might also level up in this quest, so if you get killed take some time to pick up your new talent from your Pirate Class Master. You should check in with your teacher any chance you get to acquire new skills. They don’t contact you when you level up and suggest you to come see them. So getting your next training is up to you. Don’t forget to do it.

After you get the spice and return to Jonah Town, things get interesting. It seems your new friend is in possession of your parents ship. It’s a major upgrade! It’s listed as a Light Skiff and it’s more like what you hoped your first ship would be.  Yeah you will now have a real ship to sail around the skyways. Oh and you’ll have new companion too. The FrogFather gives your family friend permission to join your crew!

Flotsam Skyway
One of the first areas outside the Skull Skyway is Flotsam. I keep wanting to call it “Floatsam”, but there’s no ‘A’. Stay in the Windlane and you’ll pass through the gates unharmed. The gates are guarded by enemy ships, so don’t try to go around them.

There’s not a lot happening at the Flotsam in your first visit. Simply talk to who you need to and move on. You’ll be back several times and meet new folks who need help and have additional information for you. Each time you come back, try to take some time running around the town. As you complete quests for others your name will get around and new folk will have problems that they’ll ask your help with.  All these side quests can earn you valuable training points for your companions, gold and more.

Corsairs Cove
One of the first places you’ll be sent is to Corsairs Cove. Gunn’s House has two things to look for. The next batch of Bananas and the training tome. They’re both easy to find. But what’s most important is the information in the Cask.

The Ruined Lighthouse
You’ll also be sent to the ruined lighthouse. There are three areas to the Ruined Lighthouse Island. Once you cross the bridge from the docks, go into the grassy area to the left just off the bridge and grab the blue yum-yum fruit. Make sure your potion is completely full. You’re going to need it. Also grab the next batch of bananas on your way up the sandy pathway to Shady Hollow.

Shady Hollow
This third area of the island has many side passages and caves. You won’t visit them all on this first trip however. Once you’re in the Shady Hollow you can escape some of the Skeletal battles by staying near the embankments and go around some of the ruined buildings. You’ll want to read the tombstones as well, they’re somewhat funny. We liked them anyway.

Hoodoo House
Your objective in your first visit is to get to the Hoodoo House where you will defeat Old Scratch. Focus on him in your battle. Once he’s defeated, the remaining henchmen will disappear. Don’t worry about the giant Zombies, they’re pretty weak and easy to kill. And when you’re done here, you’ll have another crew member. Though this one is a little weird, Scratch does have his good uses.

Evil Cave
You’ll return to the Lighthouse a few times. At one point you’ll be sent back to Shady Hollow to defeat Baron Cimitiere near the Hoodoo House and then again to find young Jack in the Evil Cave.

Bounty Island
The Island is a dungeon, so be ready to spend some time here. There is an upper and lower area to the island. In the upper part you’ll do a lot of running around. But it all has a point…to get you to the lower area where Gunn’s Tomb is located.

Captain Gunn’s Tomb
The lower area holds a small battle. And you’ll need to look for the bananas. But you’ll also be able to talk to the Ghost of Captian Gunn, thanks to your witchdoctor Scratch.

Waponi Wu / Volcano Island
You’ll also be sent to Waponi Wu (the Volcano Island). There are two sections to the island. The lower villages which are populated with Waponi wu and a required battle. You must get through these village areas in order to access the volcano summit. You will have at least 2 battles you can’t avoid, but if you keep to the edges of the villages, you can get around the other optional confrontations.

Once you get to the summit, you’ll face Chumba Wumba. Focus all your fight on him. Once you’ve killed him the first time…yeah..the first time, Ratbeard will tell you the secret to defeating him. And don’t forget to look for the bananas. When you’ve completed the battle you’ll have another task to take care of and you will also gain another crew member.

Tradewinds Skyway:
After the Volcano quests you’ll be on your way to the Tradewinds Skyway, the next skyway area where Puerto Mico resides. Make sure you take time to visit the local vendors to upgrade your equipment and cloths.

Puerto Mico:
You don’t do a lot at first in Puerto Mico. Take some time to run around town and visit the vendors. You can upgrade your attire and accessories a great deal here. Look for Zeke’s Bananas too. You’ll go on your first real ship battles to acquire some silk. I say “real” because up to this point your ship to ship battles will seem easy in comparison. Keep your ship slightly head on to your opponent to help minimize your damage. But don’t fight head on, or your cannons will have minimal affect on their ship. If you haven’t purchased any armor for your ship; you should do that before go off to war with your cannons.

Scrimshaw Docks
You will be sent to Scrimshaw to talk to a couple of folk near the tavern. There’s not a lot to do here on your first visit, but take some time to run around and check the place out. You’ll find a few folk to talk to while you’re completing quests in this area of the spiral.

Scurvy Dog Hideout
Here on your first visit there’s nothing to do but find the banana bunch. But this area has a lot to it, so you know you’ll be back. Take some time to run around and see what you can find. It’s an interesting island.

The Gold Mine Docks:
When you arrive at the docks there are a few folk to talk to who have a problem or two that you can help them solve. Take time to talk with them before you run into the Gold Mine. You might also look for the hidden chest inside the temple platform before you go through the door into the mine.

The Gold Mine
You will complete most of the quests in this skyway here on this island. You’ll be sent to other islands to get a few things, but for the most part, this is your main quest area in this part of  Tradewinds Skyway. When you arrive at the Gold Mine, take time to run around and see who else is available to talk to. Make sure you find the local merchants who will also have quests for you. Some of them are pretty easy and don’t involve any battles. Others will require you to run off to the other sections of the Gold Mine.

The Flooded Tunnels:
One of the first places you’ll go to in the Gold Mine are the Flooded Tunnels. This place is a lot like the Temple of Doom where you met “Fin Dorsal”.

The Dark Jungle
You have a little running around to do here at first. For the most part it’s a gateway to the bigger quests on the Gold Mine island. You do come back several times and cover most of the ground on the east side of the Jungle. You know you’ll be back to visit the west side at some point.

Survivors Cave
Here you’ll find the survivors who were overrun in the Dark Jungle.  You will need to visit the survivors to gain a few quests you need to complete to access other areas. So don’t ignore these little guys. There isn’t a map to this area, so this is a basic view of what you’ll find inside.

The Sacrifice Cave
Here you’ll find a few things interesting. One of which will be the next batch of Zeke’s Bananas.

Ancient Ruins
There’s a little bit to do here with the magic jars, they’re fairly easy to find if you check the buildings and tents. Make sure you talk to the monkeys in front of  gate to the Valley of the Gold Monkey. Then it’s on to the Excavated Temple.

Excavated Temple
This is a room that leads to bigger places. But check it out anyway. There’s nothing in here now, but you know there’s going to be something going in here eventually. There’s no map to this room, but this is what it looks like.

The Plundered Tunnels
There are a few missions to work out in the tunnels. When you have taken care of Optimus Caerulus the Armada Captain you’ll be sent back out to the Ruins. But don’t go until you check your other quests in here. You still have to talk to Womba and find the Altar room.

Back to the Ruins and talk to the monkeys in front of the Valley gate. They’ll let you through now.

Valley of the Gold Monkey
This is a dungeon. Make sure you have time to enter and complete your quests. Don’t worry about your battle with Ordaz who you’ll face alone. If you don’t make it through the first time, return until you face him with your pet. That little extra help makes the difference. You can increase your damage to him by blowing up the barrels he’s standing next too. But don’t blow one up near you, or you’ll do damage to yourself as well.

There’s an interesting exercise in the Crystal cave. The message is somewhat intriguing as it relates to your parents. Hmm…are they really dead? Or perhaps they’re simply lost, or captured or who knows for sure?

In the temple you’ll have two battles and you won’t get a chance to replenish your life, so plan your battle carefully. I suggest focusing on the totems in the corners in order to get Gortez into the fight. When he is, focus everything on him. When he’s gone, the battle is won.

Check all your quests to ensure you have completed everything before you venture back to Puerto Mico. Check your maps and see if there are any areas you didn’t go into. Some of the side quests might be needed later on to complete main game quests, so it really does pay to do everything.

One of the last things you’ll do here is pick up a very special stone that will allow you to enter your first Stormgate that takes you to Monquista! Woohoo..and your journey continues.

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16 thoughts on “Quest Journal #1 – Skull Island

  1. i can’t seem to find the cask with thing in it, plus can’t go through airways to get to any other places other then corsair’s cove, im stuck in skull island aiirways!!! please help soon!!!

  2. Hi Sam, there are a couple of places where you look for a cask; so I’m going to assume the one you’re looking for is the one in Corsair’s cove where Gunn’s summer house is. The cask is inside the house on the left side of the front door as you enter.

    To get to other skyways, you’ll need a quest from someone who tells you to go talk to someone else in the other skyway. So if you haven’t completed the side quests, you’ll need to go back and do those.

    Hope that helps. If not, let me know.

  3. i can’t enter house, plus all the sidequests i have left are ones that require passage to other skyways, and i can’t seem to get a different ship, i can only buy a identical pirate raft!!! i need LOTS of help, and not many have the help i need!

  4. like before, no matter how many times i try i cannot seem to get into any of the skyways, let alone the flotsam skyways, the flotsam skyways are blocked by frogfather blockade, and the tradewinds skyway is blocked by the presidio blockade, yet i do have the quest “One-eyed Jacks are Wild” too, yet i am still stuck. PLEASE answer on how to get a ship that costs in-game money, AND what level i have to be to get it, AND any suggestions on what ship to buy and when to buy it. if you can answer this, then, i thank you, if you cannot, the ill look for others for answers… somehow…

    • Sam,

      You acquire the raft from Captain Avery after you complete the quests on Skull Island. The Skiff comes from the Frogfather after you recover the spice from the Presidio. The only thing I can suggest is run around and look for anyone and everyone with a question mark over their head. You might also try creating a new character and starting over. The only other thing I can think of is, the areas you’re trying to get to are members only (the paid subscription). But the game tells you which areas are Members Only while you’re in game.

      Buying a ship won’t get you into the areas you say you’re having problems accessing. You need the quest that sends you there. Sorry I can’t help anymore than that.

  5. aaaaaaaaaaawww, though it does not say that new ships without crowns can’t be done, it also does not show that you have to have crowns to get to other places, too, so thats a real bummer to me… cuz’ i love the game…

  6. Presidio Companions:
    Mutiny:Dead Mike-Undead Pirate
    Shipwrecked:Lucky Jack Russell-Dog Pirate
    Armada: Gaspard de Vole-Guinea Pig Guard
    Storm:Milo Graytail-Rat Brigand
    Squid Attack: Birgus Latro-Crab Thug

  7. do you have an answer to mostly all of our problems. cuz, most of us cant go to other previous worlds and places. do you know quests on how to get companions without using the crown shop and without using the quests. if you do the reply to this as fast as you can.

    • To my knowledge there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to go to previous worlds you’ve already been to. Some Dungeons require you to go through the dungeon quest again, but you should still be able to go through it.

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