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New Notice About Pirate101 & Wizard101

Pirate101 Beta TestAccount Questions Between The Two Games

For a while, many people have asked:
“Will you be able to play Wizard101 and Pirate101 at the same time with the same account?

That question has been answered and advertised for some time. With the recent server updates, Pirate101 continues to advance toward official release. And part of that includes how your account will be authorized to access both games at the same time.

The short answer, You won’t be able to login to Pirate101 and Wizard101 at the same time, with the same account.

You can read more about this announcement in One-Eyed Jack’s Captain’s Log.

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Victoria Acquires A Real Ship!

The Laughing Tiger – A Light Skiff

Tonight while completing the quest for the FrogFather, Victoria meets Gaspard De Vole. It seems that Gaspard knew her parents and served with them on their ship. As a reward for helping him get free of the prison on the Presidio, he takes you to your parents ship.

Welcome to your new ..and real.. Pirate Ship!

Here in Beta, Victoria’s ship has been named The Laughing Tiger. I like that name! So I think we’ll keep it.

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Beta Victoria Bristol Levels Up

We Enter The Presidio

Bold Victoria Bristol has worked her way up to a Level 7 Pirate. Along with her level 5 companion and first mate Subodai, they enter the Presidio. The first battle dungeon in Skull Island and the Pirate Spiral.

Now if you’re not familiar with dungeons, these are areas that must be completed in one shot. You can’t leave and come back where you left off unless you’re sent out of the dungeon by a quest. Leaving and coming back before you have completed all the quests in the area will cause you to start each quest all over again.

So make sure you have plenty of time to work through a dungeon from start to finish.

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Beta Guide Update

Pirate101 Beta TestA Small Update to the Beta Guide:
Keep up to date about the latest updates on the Forums.

Game Updates – August 31st:
Pirate101 has said farewell to Boochbeard in Avery’s Courtyard, adjusted the difficulty of a number of battles, and continued polishing the game overall. Read about these changes and more in the Captain’s Log for Spiral Date 404338.

A Note to Testers: Bug Reporting
Please don’t report missing voiceovers, these are known issues. What Pirate101 needs to know are events when the voiceover doesn’t match the text you’re shown.

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New Mounts!

Mount Data

The Thunderous Kirin

Mounts available in the crown shop!Victoria has acquired her first Pirate101mount. The Kirin that she has lovingly named Artemis. Yeah, like the Musketeer.

What I like bet about the mounts, you can paint them whatever color you want from the very beginning. So Artemis wears the same colors as Victoria’s ship.

There are some familiar mounts in Pirate101, such as the flying turtle, manta ray, prancing pony and the familiar wings. But there are some new mounts as well.

The Kirin caught my attention because he’s so unique!

Victoria Bristol & ArtemisVictoria Bristol & Artemis

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Quest Journal #1 – Skull Island

Click Here To Learn About The Pirate WorldsWe Enter The Pirate Spiral

Welcome to the Pirate Spiral. As you enter the world of Pirates, get familiar with how things work. Take some time to read A Pirate’s Life – Things to know BEFORE you start the game and The Pirate Spiral Worlds – What to expect and how to get around. These two posts will cover some basics that you may not know about Pirate101.

When you enter the Spiral you’ll be in the world of Skull Island. You will be in Avery’s Court. Here you will find the shops for this world, training teachers and ports to other areas in this world. Like Skull Island itself.

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