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Zeke Quest: A Flock of Seaguls

Prospector Zeke Quest – Valencia

Another world and another Zeke Quest. Your first location in Valencia will be to Captain Steed. You’ll receive a quest from him to visit the Sivella Academy. Like most of the places here in the Pirate Spiral, there are two sections to the island, the dock and the main section of the island itself.

You’ll find Zeke on the right side of the docks, before you run down the stairs to the gondola.

Thanks to our Portal visitors for helping us share where the gulls are!

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Quest Journal #4 – Valencia

Captain Victoria Bristol & Subodai
In Valencia

The Armada Clockworks World

Congratulations on finding the Stormgate Crystal to Valencia. This is the dangerous world of the Armada. Don’t let it’s beauty fool you, this is going to be a treturous place to be.

This is the land of the clockworks. Sort of a robot soldier that has been mass produced to take over the world. You met some of them at the beginning of your adventures here in the Pirate Spiral.

Remember when Boochbeard and Gandry helped you break out of the brig on that Armada ship? You all ran out on deck and came face to face with your captures. Well those are the kind of robot clockworks you’re going to face here in Valencia.

Now it appears that wasn’t always the case for this world. This place used to belong to a peaceful and gentle group of kind Unicorns. But it appears they were attacked and conquered by the Clockworks.

But that’s not your mission here. Well at least not at first. Finding the rest of Marco Pollo’s map is your current mission, so let’s get to it!

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Quest Journal #3 – The Stormgate To Valencia

The Treasure Of Marco Pollo

Welcome back to the world of Skull Island. Monquista was an interesting place, but you went there to negotiate a trade treaty.  You’ll come back to Puerto Mico to finish out that quest, but you’ll also learn about some rumors that have been going on here in the Skull Island world while you were gone.

These rumors have put you in danger, but they are the beginning of your next quest and discovering the map that you supposedly already have in your possession. What map? Well that’s what you need to find out first. Continue reading

Captain Scarlet Hawkins – Ships Log 416510.23

Questing News From The Spiral

The week started out on the wrong foot. I got nabbed by the Armada and was held in a brig on one of their ships. Thankfully Temujin came to rescue me with his old friends Boochbeard and Gandry. On our way out we found another captured soul, Kan Po, a Goat Student from Mooshu.

We blew out of that ship in a hurry and headed for Skull Island on Boochbeard’s ship. He and Gandry sent us to meet with Captain Avery who sent us on a mission to recover a stolen amulet he had lost.

We had to do a little fighting against some Troggies and Cutthroats, but it wasn’t too hard with our new friend Bonnie Anne. She’s a feisty musket caring fox and good to have in a battle. Especially against the Cutthroats! Continue reading

Captain Aedan Hawkins – Ships Log 416510.21

Questing News From The Spiral

Our course has been clear and we’ve had good weather on our travels. The crew is coming together nicely. Subodai has stepped back and allowed Bonnie Anne to become my first mate. I think he got tired of keeping an eye on the other members of the crew. They are a bit of a scurvy bunch.

Along with Subodai we started out on this adventure with Strong Nat Tew, a reliable cat pirate. Bonnie came on board next and took over as First Mate. Continue reading

Playing Pirate101

Hints, Overview & Oddities

If you’re new to KingsIsle games (Wizard101 and Pirate101) you’re in for some great fun. These games are wonderful for all ages and for every member of the family. Players of the original KI game Wizard101 are familiar with the little extras in these games. But if you’re new, there maybe some things you don’t know that can enhance your game play.

For instance, did you know you can take a picture of your Wizard or Character from a frontal view and using the F12 key? Or that there are hidden treasure chests all over the Spiral to find some goodies in? Continue reading