Quest Update – Beta Sneaky Victoria Bristol

Skull Island Adventures Completed

Yesterday Captain Victoria Bristol II completed the quests in Puerto Mico. It was exciting to meet with Prospector Zeke and return The Funky Bunch to the Marquis Mark. They were getting a little stinky below deck. But it was a wonderful journey through the world of Skull Island.

She also discovered the portal stone that opens the Stormgate between Tradewinds Skyway to the The Tierra Primata Skyway. Her first trip through the gate was filled with trepidation and excitement!

She is now a level 14 Swashbuckler and is headed to Monquista to meet with the King and deliver Gortez to Zenda. Along the way she’ll be helping out Zeke again and looking around the skyway for the lost Gypsy Kings.

Stormgate To Monquista

It’s going to be hard to see her go before the official roll out. But there have been a few things we missed on her initial travels and we’ll be looking to fill in some of the blanks we neglected on this first trip.

Until then…we sail on…

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