We Introduce Our Permanent Characters!

Scarlet Hawkins & Temujin

Welcome To The Pirate Spiral!

On October 8th, KingsIsle released the production version of their new game Pirate101. We were blessed with the gift of a Beta Key and have been playing the game in test mode for quite some time. As with all test environments, they have to be updated and cleared from time to time as tweaks and fixes are put into place.

But this world of the Pirate Spiral is permanent! And it was time to make final decisions and choices on our new characters. So we’d like to introduce you to our Pirates of the Spiral!

  • Clumsey Aedan Hawkins
    Aedan’s parents were said to have been killed by a Squid. Egads! He was raised in Grizzleheim by the rough and tumble grizzly bears. A perfect place to raise a strong and able swashbuckler!
  • Sly Scarlet Hawkins
    Scarlet’s parents are said to have been lost in an attack on their ship by the Armada. The dastardly swines! She was young and raised in Scrimshaw on Skull Island by a wise old pirate witch. It was a great place to grow up if you’re looking for a sly and sneaky witch.
  • Sneaky Victoria Bristol
    Victoria’s parents are said to have been lost in a shipwreck. Victims of a great storm in the skyways. Orphaned, she was raised in the quiet land of Mooshu. There she learned the skill of sword, knife and battle with her trusted friend and guardian Subodai!

We’re looking forward to our new adventures in the spiral and hope our news and updates keep you entertained. We also hope our quests journals also help you enjoy your time in the Spiral as much as we do!

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