Captain Aedan Hawkins – Ships Log 416510.21

Questing News From The Spiral

Our course has been clear and we’ve had good weather on our travels. The crew is coming together nicely. Subodai has stepped back and allowed Bonnie Anne to become my first mate. I think he got tired of keeping an eye on the other members of the crew. They are a bit of a scurvy bunch.

Along with Subodai we started out on this adventure with Strong Nat Tew, a reliable cat pirate. Bonnie came on board next and took over as First Mate.

We met with the Frogfather in Jonahtown who traded a favor for a favor and sent us off to the Presidio to pick up some spices. I was surprised to find an old family friend locked in their jail, Brigus Latro. He sailed with my parents long ago and I remember riding on his back when I was a kid.

We recovered the spices and rescued Brigus for the Frogfather. That might be why he gave me my parents old ship, The Daring Dodger. It’s a great ship and since the crew is growing, we certainly could use the extra room!  Squawky is glad to have a little more room to spread his wings when we’re traveling through the skies.

We’re still on the hunt for Ratbeard and gold treasure of Captain Gunn. Our mission has taken us into the Flotsam Skyway and the creepy island of the Ruined Lighthouse. We think we’re getting closer though and Ratbeard is close at hand.

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