Captain Victoria Bristol – Ships Log 416510.20

Questing News From The Spiral

Lots of big news this week! We completed our quests in the Tradewinds Skyway. Puerto Mico was an interesting place, but the inhabitants are rather rude. Someone should tell them it’s not wise to anger a pirate who carries some big swords around with them.

We tracked down that scurvy pirate Ratbeard and he had Captain Gunn’s gold alright. Sadly for him he made a deal with the wrong Rapa Nui who had him hanging from a rope. Lucky for him we arrived when we did. I wasn’t so sure about his desire to join my crew, but he has actually proven himself to be quite useful.

When we arrived in the Tradewinds Skyway we uncovered some surprising news about his former crew. We agreed to help him uncover what happened and I’m actually glad we did. He may not be as bad as we originally thought. But I’m still keeping my eye on him.

The biggest adventure in Tradewinds was found in the ancient Gold Mines. Talk about your strange and unique treasures! It was a battle simply to find Gortez, but we did discover an intriguing message in the Crystal Cave. Can’t wait to find out what that was all about.

Gortez himself was seemed to have a nice set up in his pyramid. But I think he got a little drunk on the “pyramid power”. We had to take him by force, but once we did he was very well-behaved and went back to Puerto Mico freely and without any trouble at all. Though they didn’t want him there. I wouldn’t have minded so much taking him to Monquista if he didn’t smell so bad.

The Crimson Hound
Heavy Galleon

The conquest allowed us to get The Crimson Hound out of dry dock however and that was very exciting indeed! She has been beautifully retrofitted with beautiful sails, a new rudder and wheel, not to mention brand new Captain Gunn Cannons! She’s got a nice new coat of paint as well. Crimson of course!

The crew and I really do fancy her. She’s definitely yar and flies through the skies like a gentle breeze. Well, she does has some pretty good speed too.

We also took on some other new crew mates. Along with our prisoner Gortez, one of his personal guards seemed to be impressed with our battle tactics and asked to join our crew. Well he didn’t so much ask as he simply said he was on board and followed us back to the ship. He’s a crazy little monkey critter though and Wild Jim seems to get along with him rather well. Subodai suggested we have Jim keep an eye on him.

We had to recover some goods from a few ships from Marleybone. They are a stiffed necked bunch of sailors. We took on another new crew mate from one of those excursions. Exeter a musketeer. He’s as stiffed necked as the rest of them folk from Marleybone, but he’s pretty handy with that gun of his.

We also recovered all the stinky bananas for Prospector Zeke and returned the The Funky Bunch to the Marquis Mark. They really were rather smelly too.

Along the way everyone upped their training. A necessary exercise for any good crew. And as Captain it’s my job to make sure they can handle themselves in a fight! After all they’re protecting my neck! Subodai reached level 13 and decided it was time to enhance his training by meeting with his ancestors. We had to recover some items to help him call upon their spirits, but he proved himself and was honored with a new title of Horse Warrior! Course we had to go to the Tierra Primata Skyway to complete the task. But it was worth it to see the big guy get choked up at his after party. He’s still my best mate and life long friend and I’m very proud of him. I am having a good time kidding him about his new hat with the giant warriors plume.

Which means also rediscovered the portal stone that opens the Stormgate between Tradewinds Skyway and the The Tierra Primata Skyway. Seems like it took forever to get back here. But we made it! We’ve already met with the King and Queen and discovered they’re as daft as the Governor in Puerto Mico. But all these monkeys seem to be a bit crazy.

We met up with Prospector Zeke again too. He’s gone and lost a bunch of little Gypsy Kings. As much stuff as that man looses it’s a wonder he manages to get around the spiral so well. For now it’s on to more adventures here in the Tierra Primata Skyway and Monquista. We’re on a mission to talk to one of the Queens sister-in-law, or was it sisters in law? I don’t know these folk are crazy!

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