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Zeke’s Quest: Find The Dixie Chicks

Prospector Zeke Quest – Cool Ranch

Here in Cool Ranch you’re first stop will be to Cooper’s Roost. Look for Don Marina. He’ll give you a quest to take some supplies to Zeke who’s over on Gold Creek island.

Over there Zeke will be to the right near his Prospector’s tent. He’ll tell about a local gal who lost her defenseless little chicks and he’ll ask you to help find them. After all you’ve got a nice fast ship to travel around in. So on to your new Zeke Quest.

As with most Zeke items, you must complete certain tasks in some areas in order to be given a quest to enter another area where you can hunt down the next king. So don’t think you can get the quest from Zeke and then set off to find the statues.

X Marks The SpotBelow are the locations of the kings and a map for the area they’re in. Look for the X on the map. Well of course it’s an X, how else would you Mark The Spot for treasure in a Pirate world?

Finding The Dixie Chicks
You’ll have 10 Chicks to find. Keep checking your Zeke quest when you get to a new area and see if you’ll have a chick to find. Cool Ranch is truly HUGE! You’ll be sent to a great number of islands and places on those islands. It’s pretty easy to forget where you are and which islands or areas the chicks are in. So keep checking your quest card so you don’t miss any of these little ladies. Continue reading