Official Pirate101 FanSite

One-Eyed Jack

One-Eyed Jack

Excited And Honored!

A Pirate’s Portal received a notification today from One-Eyed Jack that we have been approved as an official Pirate101 Fan Site!

Woohoo!!! Yeah! Yippee!!!

Balloons flying, fireworks blazing, cannons firing from our pirate ships!

Of course we’re excited and we’re honored too! We’re  looking forward to sharing our news, adventures and fun with other fans of Pirate101!!

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9 thoughts on “Official Pirate101 FanSite

  1. Arrrr, congratulations! Now, I hope I can get the same luck as you with my blog! I have seen your blog grow more and more time to time and I must say, you did a very nice job posting and the design! There will be bottles of yum tonight for ye! 😉

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