Pirate101 Test Realm Available For Download

Pirate101 Test RealmNews From One-Eyed Jack’s Captains Log

KI Announced today the Pirate101 Test Realm is now live and available for download for the first time ever!

There are few stipulations so check out Jack’s Captain’s Log. But if you like seeing the latest additions to the game before anyone else does you might like to be part of the testing realm.

For more information, please see the official Test Realm page.

For information on the updates to this realm go to the Test Realm Update Notes page.

Happy Testing Pirates.

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2 thoughts on “Pirate101 Test Realm Available For Download

    • That’s part of the flavor of a “test” realm. One of the consequences to being the first to play with the new things, is putting up with the in progress work…which can be glitchy. And which does require occasional reinstall to fix or update.

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