How To Recieve & Redeem A Pirate101 Gift


Pirates can give gifts, and receive gifts from other players, or from the Royals at KingsIsle.

You can give gifts to your friends, if they’re on your friends list.  No one should buy a gift for someone they don’t know in person. So please be careful who you’re spending your valuable crowns on!

During special events or promos, the Royals may offer free gifts to players, that can be redeemed and activated inside the game.

So let’s start with Gift Giving.

Giving a Gift
Players have the option of purchasing items inside the game with Crowns either for themselves, or for a pirate on their Friends list. You do this through the Crown Shop.

Here’s some things to keep in mind:

  • Items that are already in your backpack cannot be Gifted.
  • Gifts are purchased through the Crown Shop, directly to another player.
  • You can only buy gifts for players who are already on your friends list.
  • Not all Crown Shop items can be gifted.
  • Gifting can be disabled by Parents/Guardians on an account basis.

Login to the game and click on the Crown Shop icon in the top right hand corner. Select an item you want to gift and view it in the preview window displayed on the right side of Shop window. Items in the Crown Shop that cannot be purchased as a gift, will display the grey present icon (like the one below for the Smuggler’s Cove).  Items that are available for gifting will display the red and white present icon (like in the picture below, for the Ghost of Yuletide Present).

If you can gift the item, click on the red present. You will be shown a list of all your Pirate101 friends (they don’t have to be online for you to purchase the gift). Select the friend you wish to gift the item to and then click the “CHOOSE” button at the bottom.

A confirmation screen will appear, showing the item and its name, the price (in Crowns) and who will receive the gift – if they’re currently online, you’ll see their face too. If everything is ok, then click “YAR!” , or click on the yellow X to cancel and close the pop-up window.

If you clicked “YAR!”, then you’ll get the standard Crown Shop purchase confirmation screen, giving you one last chance to agree or cancel. That’s it!

Free Gifts From Pirate101
From time to time the Royals at KingsIsle will post messages and news on the game start-up window. While you’re waiting for the game components to be checked, patched and updated take time to scroll through the news! You might find that you can win free stuff for your Pirate. For instance in the Welcome window below, you can receive the Lest We Forget gift in honor of our Veterans.

Game Start-up Window

You can also check out The Tradewinds Tribune for news and announcements throughout the month Or you can configure your account to receive email notifications when new offers, promotions or gifts are provided within the game. That way, if you’re not home where your Pirate101 game is installed, you won’t miss the news or the free offerings!

How Does It Work?
To get a gift offered by KingsIsle, there are 2 steps to the process. First you need to claim your gift and then you claim the gift for one of your characters in the game.

When you see the announcement in the start-up window, click the link. Your browser will take you to and a special offer/promo page.

  • There’s typically a news announcement first, then you scroll to the bottom of the page and where you’ll find a button that says “Click Here” to get your gift.
  • If you’re not already logged in, you’ll be given a sign-in window.
  • Once your sign in is verified, a “Claim your prize” window will be displayed.
  • Once you type in the verification word, press the “Claim” button and a present will be sent to your account. You’ll also see a confirmation  message.
  • Go back to the Welcome window and complete logging into the game.

Receiving Your Gift
Now that you’ve received a Gift, you need to collect it.  Some gifts cannot be transferred between characters, so choose wisely if you’re picking up a free KingsIsle gift!

If you’ve received a gift from a friend, you need to select the character your friend sent the gift to.

Once you’ve logged into the game and selected your character, continue entering the game. You’ll see a couple of notifications that tell you a gift has been delivered to your Pirate. The first should be a pop up message on the main part of the screen over your character, that tells you to check your notification window.

You’ll also see the pop-up dialog box “Received gift! Click to redeem”

And at the bottom right of the screen you’ll see a present next to your life ball. And it will tell you to Click to Redeem the gift too.

Click on any of these to access your pop-up window titled “Gift List”. It will display all the gifts you have received, but have not yet redeemed for any of your characters.

When you highlight the gift and click “Accept”, the item will be placed in your backpack under the appropriate section.

That’s all there is to it. Enjoy your present from Pirate101! And don’t forget to visit the Pirate101 Facebook page and leave them a little thank you.

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