Captain Aedan Hawkins – Spiral Date 416511.13

Questing News From The Spiral

Hello again pirates of the spiral! I have certainly been going around and about in the Tradewinds Skyway in Puerto Mico. Such a small place. So small its hard to see where I am going on my bird! Also they say I am bald! Crazy Monkeys. Besides all the crazy monkeys running around I have a new ship-a Galleon called The Silent Falcon. It does not have much to it yet, but I did a few quests to get to level 12 to use it, because I was only level 11 when I  got it.

The Silent Falcon-Galleon

The Silent Falcon-Galleon

Besides the new ship, I defeated Gortez and took on 2 Marlybone ships for the Violet Windstone with my new ship :). Also I got a Crazy Monquistador Companion.  Although the 2 ships boarded me, I wanted them to board me. The first one had 3 Naval Officers and 2 Red Coats. Although I defeated them, I did not get the Windstone. The second ship had 1 Naval Officer and 2 Redcoats and that’s when I got the Windstone and headed off to Monquistia.

Crazy Monquistiador Companion

Crazy Monquistador Companion

Heading to Monquista

Heading to Monquista

Once I was in Monquista I went to the jail and got myself into trouble. Well not really. But once I was in battle, the prisoner I delivered, Gortez wanted to help me now! The first time I met him he tried to kill me and now he wants to help me! Well okay I guess. Also talking about Gortez, he reminded me to say this: When I defeated Gortez and looted the chests I found a little surprise in one of them, a little lizard pet. Yeah!!  :D!

When the battle was over, I talked to the other prisoners and went off to complete a few missions for them. Along the way I found a lot of quests. I took them all on of course and that’s where this log ends for now.   😀

Lizard Pet from chest

Lizard Pet from chest

Oh and I am making slideshows now for the pics in logs.

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