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News – Read the Latest Tradewinds Tribune

Tradewinds Tribune

Tradewinds Tribune

Pirate News Letter for December

The Tradewinds Tribune has all your Pirate101 news covered! Check daily for updates with the game, promotions and much more! Read Tradewinds Tribune »

The biggest news so far this month are about the updates and fixes being tested in the Test Realm. And be sure to read J Todd Coleman’s open letter to the players of Pirate101 about the goals and spirit behind the implementation of the new PvP system. Read Letter from J Todd Coleman ».

You’ll be noticing a few festive changes around as KI celebrates the season with all of our Merry (and ne’er-do-well) Pirates. Check out the wintry website backgrounds and be on the look out for some in game festive characters too.


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