An Important Message From The Frogfather

frogfather-pAre Favors Owed?

Ahoy me bold Buccaneers and sneaky Swashbucklers! Do you owe a favor to the Frogfather? No? Well don’t let that stop you from checking in with him and picking up the news swirling around the Spiral.

Come read The Frogfather’s first Producer’s Letter for Pirate101. Find out how feedback has improved the game and how you can learn what’s in store for the Pirate Spiral in 2013. You can also discover how you can be the first to see the unveiled new Worlds, Quests, Gameplay features, Ships, Equipment and the wide-variety of Companions and fantastic Combat Attacks that are now in the works.

In the meantime, here at the Portal we share KingsIsle’s wishes to one and all for
“A very blessed Holiday Season and Happy New Year”!!

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