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Pirate101 Voted 2012 Player’s Choice!

mmorpg-playerschoiceMMORPG Awards For 2012!

Fans and players of Pirate101 united! In a close race to the finish Pirate101 wins the Player’s Choice Award for 2012 @ MMORPG narrowly beating out Guild Wars 2 by .05% of the vote! That’s close folks!

Pirate101 received 27.8% of the votes cast in this years awards by fans of the game. Where Guild Wars 2 received an impressive 27.3% of the votes.

Other games in the running: Planetside 2 7.8%, The Secret World 14.8%, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria 7.3%, Star Wars: The Old Republic 6.2%, Storm Legion 4.1%, Rift:   TERA 2.7%,  and Raiderz 1.9%.

Don’t feel too sorry for Guild Wars 2 however. Pirate101 was up against them for the 2012 Most Innovative Award. Guild won that category with 31.2% to runner up Pirate101’s 30.6%.

Here at the Portal we’re very excited for everyone at KingsIsle! It’s a great achievement for a game they’ve worked so hard at developing. And it’s pretty impressive to garner such a prestigious award in only their 2nd month of being live. Pirate101 rolled out on October 8th for their Head Start Week. Rolling out globally the following week.

So here’s a hardy and well deserved Congratulations to KI and the Pirate101 Team!! Way to go!!

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