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From A Pirate’s Portal To You and Yours

May 2013 Bring You All The Blessings, Love & Happiness
You So Richly Deserve!!


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Captain Scarlet Hawkins – Ships Log 416512.31

Questing News From The Spiral

captnlog-sh-dsIt’s been a tough month here on my volcano island. The raft was nearly mortally wounded in battle and has been in dry dock for several weeks. Thanks to a family member who sent some gold our way for Yuletide, we’ve repaired our ship (ok, raft) and made our way back into the skyways! Yeah!!!

We had a grand time over the holidays. Temujin is from Mooshu and he’s never experienced a Yuletide Holiday  before. We were visited by some interesting merchants during the 12 Days of the Spiral. There were ship loads of new equipment, strange mounts and holiday surprises from the “over lords” of the Spiral World. Seems the royal house of this King’s Isle are very generous indeed!

We saw Fa-la-la-lama‘s, sampled some great Milk and Cookies, Holiday decorations, Yuletide Trees, Winter Trents and Mistle Toes, and so much more! Temujin and I even posed for a portrait on the front porch to commemorate the season! Continue reading