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Captain “Ruthless” Garrett Hobbes – Ships Log 416601.13

captnlog-gh-zrQuesting News From The Spiral

for this, the Thirteenth Day of January in the Four-Thousand-Sixty-Sixth Year of the Spiral

Started the Sixth off by heading to Corsair’s Cove. Had to take out an armada of Cutthroats. All I wanted to do is find the rotting bananas there. After a little batacuda fishing we beamed back to Skull Island for some training. Seems I made nautical level 4 somewhere back there and didn’t notice.

On the way out of the Kraken Skulls the sickness took us yet again. Fortunately we were safely in the Tavern. Found out someone stole Avery’s Mooshu Falcon so he sent us to get it. After a lot of run around we ended up in the tunnels to find the guy who stole it, Archer.

We took on some contract crab hunting. After a few bouts of that Mike went down. We had to beam out to Avery’s Court. Continue reading