Captain “Ruthless” Garrett Hobbes – Ships Log 416601.13

captnlog-gh-zrQuesting News From The Spiral

for this, the Thirteenth Day of January in the Four-Thousand-Sixty-Sixth Year of the Spiral

Started the Sixth off by heading to Corsair’s Cove. Had to take out an armada of Cutthroats. All I wanted to do is find the rotting bananas there. After a little batacuda fishing we beamed back to Skull Island for some training. Seems I made nautical level 4 somewhere back there and didn’t notice.

On the way out of the Kraken Skulls the sickness took us yet again. Fortunately we were safely in the Tavern. Found out someone stole Avery’s Mooshu Falcon so he sent us to get it. After a lot of run around we ended up in the tunnels to find the guy who stole it, Archer.

We took on some contract crab hunting. After a few bouts of that Mike went down. We had to beam out to Avery’s Court.

On the way in we tried to join a fight with the crabs and something strange happened to us. We went blind while we were fighting, the only time we could see was when the enemy was hitting us. We couldn’t flee and couldn’t beam out. We had to use my trick of meditating us out of existence.

When we came back into reality, we were in the middle of a fight with rats in the tunnels. The took me out, I must have had some damage before we came to. Beamed back out to Avery’s Court.

Finished the contract crab hunting. Reached a new record for gold: 603.

We trained Annie and Emmett to level 7 and went to take on Black Jaques. For the first time ever we got beaten. It was only by a hair. I, Shen, Mike and Emmett were all taken out.

We went back and fought again, much more aggressively this time and beat him. We delivered a few beatings in the tunnels on the way back out. After a little training at Kraken Skulls we went back in and dealt with Archer. Was a long fight and we beamed back to Avery’s Court.

At the end of the day I am still level 8 and nautical level 4 and I have 188 gold pieces.

On the Eighth I set out and found Cutthroat The Rusty Viper. They gave up the info I needed to find the Falcon, setting sail for Jonah.

On they way I cut the corner and took on Waponi Kuma Guma. There is strange magic in that place. There was a blink and suddenly we were south of the lane and being shot at by someone we couldn’t see.

Waponi Rongo Korei was there so we took her out.

Took on a few jobs and set off to Gullet to meet with Fin Dorsal again. He never learns, he missed the moment that he could have just walked away. Well, maybe not, I wasn’t letting him walk away. Of course, the Falcon’s not here.

On the way to Skull Island, planning to beat up some more Waponi on the way. Rongo Wahine went down real fast, south of the lane. Pino Hune went down fast, got in the way of getting to the lane. I gained level 9 and nautical level 5 at the same time. Beamed to Skull Island for training. I trained for Calm the Troops.

Trained Annie to level 8. She got the Rough talent. Trained Emmet to level 8. He also got the Rough talent. Finally trained Shen closer to level 8. Emmett and Annie moved to 2nd and 3rd replacing Nanu and Shen.

Took off from there to deal with the Cutthroats on the Old Chum docked by the mountain. Beat up a lot of Cutthroats and Troggies on the way back.

Next we took out the Witchdoctor in the Abandoned Homestead.

Did some contract batacuda fishing on the way to get Deidre and Scaramonga in Corsair’s Cove. There was an armada of Cutthroats in the way of Deidre. Took out The Rusty Piper, The Silver Dolphin and The Rusty Tears and had to retire to the lane for repairs. Earned my Tiger Reaver badge. Diedre’s Delight sank. Cutthroat Yellow Vanguard got in the way of me getting to Corsair’s Cove.

On the Ninth, after getting Scaramonga repaired in Jonah and promoting Annie to Sharpshooter, she got new Epic Talents: Quick Draw and Overwatch. Annie is now 2nd replacing Emmett.

Beamed to Skull Island. And then back to Jonah again. Heading to Skull Island the long way to beat up on Waponi and Cutthroats. Da Kakuna, Coco Pahu and Ariki Kahuna went down. Ariki sank without being boarded.

We did some contract Cutthroat removal. The Threepenny Rake was tough, boarded us. Emmett went down. Had to put in at Skull Island.

Sank her on the next go around.

Next round she boarded us. We had a steering malfunction which sent us past her and right into a Monquistan before we could engage. After the fight, we were stuck in some kind of doldrum. Had to beam out to Skull Island. Would have had to go back anyand we way, took a bit of a beating that time.

Final round was all us. Boarded and took them out. Got the Sky Robber’s Tricorn gives me incendiary shot with a gun. Put back in at Skull Island.

On the Tenth, we headed to Blood Shoals and finally got the Falcon. Beamed back to Skull Island and gave the Falcon to Avery. New record gold: 737 pieces.

Trained Shen to level 8. He got the Agile talent and is not 4th replacing Nanu.

Headed to Flotsam. Earned my Flotsam Flyer badge. Did some shopping.

Went to Tommy Tin’s shop and ran into Martin Dean and his Rat Pack. Nearly got beaten because of some strange Marleybone magic, I got light headed and could hear a spotted dog barking in the distance and was compelled to try and stop her barking.

Next we took out Peter Law and his buddies. After that we set sail to take on some Waponis. Found nothing but canoes, and we just boarded them.

Maui Catu, and a canoe that I didn’t get the name from were first. Earned my Hoku badge. Ooga Rongo was tough for a canoe crew. Beamed back to Flotsam after that one. Canoe Hotu Mau was next up and then finally Canoe Mos Tiki gave up the bottled ship.

The Dusty Whisper Ghost ship got in the way of meeting Kona Kaa. Had to put back in at Flotsam. Kon Tiki was tough, hard battle at sea, almost sunk us. Then the fight on deck after boarding was even worse. Emmett went down. I nearly was down and Mike wasn’t looking too good either. Had to beam back into Flotsam.

Went flying fishing on the way to the lighthouse for some quick business. Setting sail to battle Monquistans in Skull Island Skyway I ran into to two tough Waponi canoes. Will have to put in to Blood Shoals before the next fight. Unfortunately we ran aground trying to get to the Skull Island Skyway, and had to beam to Skull Island.

On the Twelfth we cruised to fight the Monquista ships plaguing Skyways. Santa Sophia did not give up the yum. She went down real easy. Santa Elena did give up the yum. Santa Elena had a shooter this time, but same results, they gave up the yum. Dona Costanza did not give up the yum. This was a gun battle on board, Mike was the only ground pounder, everybody else were shooters. Dona Carolina gave up some yum next. Somewhere I gained nautical level 6. Dona Costanza gave up the yum this time. Not to mention a lot of loot. Santa Isabella gave up the last of the yum.

We did a little contract batacuda fishing and gathering before going back to Skull Island and training Shen to level 9. Shen is now 2nd replacing Annie.

We planned to beat up some Waponis on the way to Jonah but Cutthroats and batacuda got in the way. The Queen’s Prize sank before I could board her. The Swift Prize got in the way next. The Rusty Tears sank. Golden Piper was last before we put in at Jonah.

Heading to Corsair’s Cove. Nobody seemed to want to get in my way. We found a training tome and trained Nanu to level 9. He is now 3rd replacing Annie.

Heading to Skull Island, Cutthroat The Joyful Ransom got in the way.

After contract rat hunting in the tunnels and earning the Rat Catcher badge, we took out some crabs on the way back to the tavern. Might have been a bad idea, Mike went down. Had to beam back to the fountain on the docks.

Headed to Blood Shoals to take out Sammy Davies. It was a tough fight and Annie and Shen both went down.

Headed to Jonah to take on Fredo. A bunch of Cutthroats with no sense got in my way along with a Waponi. The Golden Piper, The Red Sabre and The Jolly Dawn couldn’t resist getting beaten. Then finally Bongo Korei sank.

As we set sail to the Skull Island we were set upon immediately by the Monquistan Chimeron like she was waiting for us.

Then we fought some Undead in the tunnels. Earned Undead Stalker badge. Another Captain, “Clumsy” Aedan Hawkins showed up to help me fight. He insists he’s my long lost son. Apparently the lad thinks the good looking Captain I met last week is his mother. I suppose it’s possible, a lot of the happenings before I woke up in the jail cell at Avery’s fort are kinda fuzzy. Well, foggy. Okay, downright black and cloudy. I probably had a lot of fun.

Headed from there to the Ruined Lighthouse. Had to fight some Undead on the way in to get to Old Scratch. Earned Undead Hunter badge.

Fought and beat Old Scratch, now he has joined my crew. Earned my Hoodoo Tamer Badge, gained level 10.

Beamed to Skull Island for training. Trained for Heavy Armor Rank 1 and Refresh. Scratch trained for talents Spooky and Rough. Emmett and Annie both trained to level 9. Scratch is 1st Mate replacing Mike.

Fought a lot of Undead, Rats and Crabs in the tunnels, including giving Black Jaques another beating. New record gold: 1024 pieces.

After some crew training, Emmett is level 10 and not 3rd, replacing Shen.

The next tale is not for the faint of heart, so stop reading right now if you are squeamish, scared of the dark or ghosts or generally of a jumpy nature.

Vadima sent me on a mission to clear up some evil black magic. It would appear that the evil doer knew of my assignment. When I left Vadima’s I found myself floating in the sea east of Skull Island. Without a boat! Too far to swim back, I had to beam back to Avery’s Court.

I headed to the Ruined Lighthouse and took out Baron Cimetere to let them know I won’t stand for black magic around me. Well, except when my First Mate uses it. Then it’s okay.

At the end of the day I am level 10 and nautical level 6 with 200 gold pieces.

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