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Twitter PirateWe Joined Twitter Today

We thought we could use a new way to spread our contest news and that prompted us to sign up to twitter today. We can keep in touch with friends, share tweets from Pirate101, Wizard101, and KingsIsle and have another fun place to talk about our journey through the spirals.

We’ll be tweeting about our new posts, News from the spiral for both KingsIsle games and most important, tweets about our special contests.

Come by and check us out @PiratesPortal. Give us a follow and stay up to date on all our latest news!

And look for @KingsIsle, @Pirate101 and ‏ @Wizard101 on Twitter too! Use hashtag #P101 and #W101 to share your game tweets!

Twitter Portrait

Captain Garrett Hobbes, Captain Victoria Hawkins and Aedan Hawkins
with our crew on Twitter!

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