Our Day 4 Tribal Pack Winner Is…

Somewhere in the Spiral

Our 4th Day Tribal Crew Pack Contest Winner Is…..

When you first enter the game and create your pirate character, What is the 1st thing Boochbeard says?
– Answer: “Get down, she’s gonna blow!”

We accepted either Get Down or what we were really looking for: Get Down, She’s gonna Blow! for the correct answer.

We were going to pick the 14th correct answer, but we didn’t have 14 correct answers. We received 32 responses. Many of you said:

“Hard to say. You there! You’re standing on my blind side. Are ye a boy, or a girl?”

But that’s after Mr. Gandry finds you in the cell and you start to build your pirate.

Since we didn’t receive 14 correct answers, we decided the only real fair thing to do is pick the last correct answer, which was the closest to #14.

We want to make an honorable mention to Captain James Derevaux; who gave us the most complete answer:
“Get down, she’s gonna blow. *BOOM* *cough cough* it’s one of these prisoners *cough* check the ones down there monkey.”  Thanks Captain James, we hope you’ll enter again this week. You have 4 more chances for a Tribal pack; and then there’s the special drawings on Saturday and Sunday!

But the last correct answer (#11) came from our winner:

Captain Allen Spinaker

Congratulations! Captain!
We’ve sent you an email with your game code and instructions for how to redeem the code online. If you don’t receive the email or have problems, please let us know.

Enjoy your Tribal Pack
We hope you win something great!

Send us a picture of your pirate and your favorite item and we’ll post your picture here to help you celebrate!

If you didn’t win today, don’t give up! You’ll have another chance to win tomorrow at 9am eastern here on A Pirate’s Portal! Our contest runs till 6pm when we’ll pull the next winner!

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