Our Day 5 Tribal Pack Winner Is…


Our 5th Day Tribal Crew Pack Contest Winner Is…..

Answer Me This:
How many feathers does Mr. Gandry have in his hat?

Now if you were paying attention, we posted a picture of Mr. Gandry in yesterday’s winner announcement with Boochbeard. All you had to do was scroll down and count the feathers.

The correct answer we were looking for: 2.

If you didn’t win today, you’ll have more chances for a Tribal pack give away; and then there’s the special drawings on Saturday and Sunday!

Tonights code winner is:

Captain Clever Kestrel Bowman


Captain Kestrel Bowman
with her pet Captain Sydney
an Orchid Chameleon

Congratulations! Captain!
Enjoy your Tribal Pack.  We hope you win something great! And she did! Check out Captian Bowman and her new pet!

If you didn’t win today, don’t give up! You’ll have another chance to win tomorrow at 9am eastern here on A Pirate’s Portal! Our contest runs till 6pm when we’ll pull the next winner!

And check out the MMORPG give away for another chance to win a tribal item or pack!

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2 thoughts on “Our Day 5 Tribal Pack Winner Is…

  1. Hello i live in australia and i have entered in some past ones but now schools coming up i go to bed around 10 and wake up at 9 and the give-away for the day is already over!

    • Thanks for the heads up Sam! I can do something about that. I want to make the contest available for everyone around the world. So tomorrow night after the drawing, I’ll post Thursdays drawing. That would be 6pm eastern my time. And I’ll do the same thing for the rest of the drawings through the weekend.

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