Our Sunday Special Tribal Pack Winners Are…

Supreme Commander KaneOur Sunday Day Tribal Crew Pack Contest Winners Are…..

Our special Tribal Crew Pack game code gives our winner 5 (five) Tribal packs for 1 account. That’s 5 packs that you can use for 1 or all of your pirate captains. It’s 5 chances to win exciting and wonderful prizes from the packs! With a special code like that; we had to make the contest question a little special.

Answer me this:
Do you know your Pirate101 History? If you do, you can answer this question with ease.
Who is the leader of the Clockworks?

The Golden Age Of Piracy
Have you read about the State of Piracy in the Spiral? The tale contains the history of pirating upon the skyways. It is a wondrous time of exploration and adventure, when tall ships fly the endless skies and brave the Stormgates of the Spiral. Trade and commerce sprang up all over the Spiral, and many nations learned that the size and strength of their fleets were the key to their destiny. Marleybone, Valencia, Monquista, and Polaris emerged as the dominant powers of the era, forming colonies and forging trade routes that made them wealthy and powerful. Grizzleheim and many other realms, tried to stay neutral, trading with all and claiming no empire.

Competing colonial interests led to tension between the great powers, and then to war. Polaris, led by Emperor Napoleguin, launched a great war against Marleybone, Valencia, and Monquista. Napoleguin’s military genius and strong navy brought the Spiral to its knees – his victory seemed assured, but Marleybone’s staunch resolve and Valencia’s new clockwork Armada finally defeated him.

In the aftermath, Pirates flourished in the outer reaches of the Spiral, where the colonial powers spread their forces thinner and thinner. In Skull Island, gangs of Pirates took control of entire Skyways, building their own ports and cities and launching daring raids in every corner of the Spiral.

The Armada continues to rise. The Clockworks are supposed to be the military of the Valencian monarchy, but many are beginning to wonder if the Clockworks and their leader, Kane, don’t have an agenda of their own.

Read the whole historical tale State of Piracy in the Spiral and full back story of its evolution on Pirate101!

We had a lot of responses for this one. But Tonight’s code winners are:

Captain Nimble Nikita Aldridge

Captain Nimble Nikita Aldridgeand her Spiny Serpent pet named King Scrapper

Captain Nimble Nikita Aldridge
and her Spiny Serpent pet
named King Scrapper


Captain Joseph Eastwick

Congratulations Captains!
We’ve sent you an email with your game code and instructions for how to redeem the code online. If you don’t receive the email or have problems, please let us know.

Enjoy your Tribal Pack
We hope you win something great!

Send us a picture of your pirate and your favorite item and we’ll post your picture here to help you celebrate! If it’s a pet, or companion don’t forget to tell us their name and what they are.

That ends our official contest. But stay tuned, thanks to One-Eyed Jack..we have a couple extra single pack codes to give away. We’ll randomly pick from all the entries of the week! Stay tuned.

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