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Pirate101 01/2013 CommercialPirate101 Monthly Newsletter

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btntny Have you seen the new commercial?
Over 1 Million Players!
“An Absolutely Fantastic New MMO” –

“Rated 5 out of 5 Stars” – Commonsense Media

“ Player’s Choice Game Of The Year”

It’s pretty nice!

btntny Check out the Introduction of Pirate101’s new Rogue’s Gallery video series, with our first look at Captain Avery!
Learn about his fortune, his likes and hobbies and more!

btntny Pick up some hints from One-Eyed Jack!
You’ll love the new fan site that has been added to the Pirate101 list this month. Check out Duelist101, dedicated to guiding players through the complex system of PvP in Wizard101 and Pirate101. From beginner’s guides, to the finer points of game play, here you will find information to broaden your understanding of “The Arena”.

And there’s much more to see, read and learn!

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