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Friday’s Springtime Game Code Giveaway!

Enter Our Springtime Celebration Contest!

Yesterday KI announced their new Cool Ranch critters available for a limited time in the crown shop! And once again One-Eyed Jack sent us some special game codes to give away in celebration!

Each code will give you one of the limited edition pets. Which pet you receive is randomized. There’s no guarantee which one you’ll get, but you will get one. Plus you’ll receive 5,000 crowns to use as you desire in the crown shop. So if the code doesn’t give you the special edition pet you want, you’ll have plenty of gold to buy one, or two!


There are a couple of restrictions with these codes:

  • ALL of these codes expire at the end of April 2013. You must use the code by then or you’ll lose your chance for a limited edition pet.
  • Only one code can be redeemed per account.
    • This means if you win a code here, and another code from one of the other fansites, you’ll only be able to use one of those codes per account.
    • Should you win two codes, but only have one account, you can give the 2nd code away to a family member with their own account, to a friend or forfeit the code and allow it to expire. No substitutions or recompense will be provided by A Pirate’s Portal, or Pirate101.

We’ll randomly pick winners from the correct answers to our trivia question.

  1. Send us an email to:
  2. If you copy/paste our email, include in the subject line: 2013.SpringPet
  3. Include your name (First name only)
  4. Your in game pirate name. Ie: Captain Victoria Bristol
  5. And the answer to our question!

If you are under the age of 13, remember to get your parents/guardians permission.

The Contest Day will begin at 6:30 pm eastern Thursday night 03/21 – and will close at 6pm Friday night 03/22 evening!

Today’s Springtime Trivia Question

We’ll start with an easy one:
What is the name of the barkeep at The Kraken Skulls Tavern?

We’ll choose the 3rd and 14th correct answer.
Stay tuned for the Saturday and Sunday give away as well!

If you know your Pirate legend and lore; you’ll be able to answer all our contest questions. We’ll email the winners by 9pm each day. We’ll also post the day’s winner (first name only) here on the Portal. And if you send us a picture of your pirate with your new special friend, we’ll post that on the winner’s announcement page too!

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Our New Special Friends

Springtime Limited Pets

Today in the Crown shop you’ll find some new Cool Ranch Pets. We couldn’t wait to pick up our new friends and share them with you!


Captain Aedan Hawkins and Abbey

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Springtime Pets in Pirate101!

Cute Little Cool Ranch Pets!!

The Equinox has past, the northern hemisphere is tilting toward the sun and that means springtime is near for us. To celebrate KingsIsle is offering some special critters to accompany your pirate through the Pirate101 spiral!

Want one of these fun spring time pets for your Pirate? Head on over to the Crown Shop and pick out your favorite Cool Ranch critter! Don’t wait though, these spring time pets are only available for a limited time.


Our family has a special connection with Jackalopes, so I’m already looking forward to the Pink Chocolope! Which one will be your favorite?


A New Game Code Contest!!!
And stay tuned to A Pirate’s Portal for your chance to win a game code worth 5k crowns plus a chance to win one of these loveable springtime pets at random!!

Don’t despair if you win a code but not a pet. The 5k crowns is more than enough to pick out one or two of your favorites!

We’ll be starting our contest tomorrow, Thursday March 21st, 2013 at 6:30pm eastern. Get ready for another round of Pirate101 Trivia for your chance to win.

Don’t worry for those of you in different time zones. We’ll give you a chance to enter and win over the weekend! We had several pirates from lands far and wide who won in our last contest. I hope we can achieve that again for these special little critters too!


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© 2013 A Pirates Portal; Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. All Rights Reserved.