Captain Scarlett Hawkins – Ships Log 416604.20

captnlog-sh-fcQuesting News From The Spiral

It’s been a tough journey for the crew and I. We’re beat up, banged up and immensely glad to be back in Skull Island for some much needed rest and relaxation before we had off to Cool Ranch!

After we acquired the Monkey’s Paw we returned to Puerto Mico and finished our business with the trading treaty for Captain Avery.  Little did we know that during our absence someone had been spreading rumors about the crew and I while we were in Monquista. Now we seem to be in some kind of extra danger we didn’t need!

Thanks to One-Eyed Jack in Scrimshaw we found out who and what was being said about us. We were off to Skull Island to confront Avery and perhaps teach him a lesson about telling lies! It appears it had something to do with acquiring Marco Pollo’s map that has been scattered across the skyways. And it’s important that we get it before the Armada does. Unfortunately they already have control over where a piece of it might be in Valencia.

After checking in with Avery and completing a few other tasks along the way, we met up with Hooktail and his pal Silent Roberto (who isn’t so silent) in Puerto Mico. They provided us with information to acquire the Indigo Windstone that opens the Stormgate to Valencia. Roberto also provided us with a ship to help us get there. It seems Mom and Dad’s ship isn’t sturdy enough to get us through this wind gate. Temujin really didn’t like the sound of that. But we did get a pretty nice new ship out of the deal. Meet the Furious Constanza (Constance Frurious would be the proper translation from Monquestian).

The Furious Constanza - Monquistan Light Skiff

The Furious Constanza – Monquistan Light Skiff

After putting her in dry dock to get rid of that nauseating monkey smell, we were able to outfit her with some new equipment. New guns, sails, rudder and more. She really is a wonderful ship…especially now that she doesn’t smell like monkey and rotten bananas!

Next it was back to Monquista to attain some papers that would help us get to the Valencian Stormgate. Not an easy task. Those Monquistan Royal Navy Ships are not your haphazard Pirates that are easily defeated. Thank goodness we had this new Monquistan ship to go up against them. It took a little doing, but we managed to win the day and acquire the papers we needed from Gortez and the Queen.

Once we acquired the windstone and completed some final interesting tasks, we headed off to Valencia. What a beautiful place it is. Lovely skies, exceptional buildings, educated and helpful folk all around. Well, except for the Armada of course. If it weren’t for them, Valencia might be a great place to retire to one day.

Sadly the Armada is destroying the Aragon Skyway. And they are much stronger and better organized than anyone in Skull Island gives them credit for. They are truly a great threat to all worlds in the Pirate Skyways!

We met up with a Unicorn Captain named Steed who helped us connect with some scholarly folk through out Valencia. We were able to discover more about the Armada’s plans and we located Marco Pollo’s tomb. Unfortunately the piece of the map that lay with him was gone. But we’re pretty sure the Armada doesn’t have it either.

Now we’re in Skull Island to heal up from our battles, pick up some new training and acquire a few new promotions as well. Then we’ll head off to Cool Ranch. For now, I’m simply happy to repair the damage to the ship, put my feet on dry land for a while and raise a mug of Yum at the Tavern. Vacations are good things!

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