Companion Promotion – Subodai

Subodai Horse Warrior

Subodai Horse Warrior

The Swashbuckler’s Horse Companion

If you choose a Swashbuckler as your pirate class, the first person you meet on your way out of the stockade will be Subodai. Like you he was captured by the Armada and locked in the brig below decks.

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When you first meet Subodai he is a Horse Barbarian. You can learn much more about his abilities and skills from Pirate101 Central.

As you level up your companions they will occasionally reach epic promotion opportunities. Subodai’s first epic promotion occurs when he is promoted to Level 13.

After you applied training points and he reaches this level, he’ll tell you he needs to speak with you. Let’s go to a nearby Tavern so you can talk.

In the Tavern he’ll tell you “Captain, the time has come for me to prove myself. I must earn my warrior’s Plume. The spirits of my ancestors must guide me. ”

He will further explain “The first thing I need are talons from Birds of Prey – at home I would use Falons, but Scarakeets should do.” This dialog will give you a new quest: A Fistful of Feathers.

This quest will require you to have access to Monquista.

The Tierra Primata Skyway
The Monquista skyway is an interesting place. Be careful cutting across the sky from windlanes however. There are some nasty critters and ships out there. As soon as you pass through the stormgate, you’ll be face to face with a flock of Scarakeets.

Once you have your feathers, you’ll be sent to speak with Brother Hector. He will tell you about the Blood Flowers you seek. Then he will direct you to the only place you can find these deadly little flowers; in Diablo Cut.


Diablo Cut:
There are three parts to Diablo Cut. The first part that you’ll visit are the Docks which are on their own little island.

Run across the island and you’ll find a small dingy which will take you to Diablo Cut itself. When you first come here for Subodai’s quest, you’ll simply run through this area past the little monsters. Stay next to the wall and you’ll be able to run around them and exit to the Cave of Thorns.

Cave of Thorns:

If you stick to the walls you can find the flowers and get in and out with little to no problem. Simply take your time and you’ll avoid the little monsters.

Cid Simian's El Cid

Cid Simian’s El Cid

As soon as you have the feathers and flowers, Subodai will explain that he needs to return to Skull Island and speak with the Witchdoctor Trainer Madame Vadima. In her sanctuary she will welcome you both and send Subodai to the altar by the wall.

There he will use the feathers and flowers to summon the spirits of his ancestors. Ogudai will come forth and tell Subodai “To claim your rightful place, you must defeat a worthy foe in battle.” He will direct Subodai to “Return to the realm of the Monkeys and seek out the infamous Monquistador Cid Simian, on his ship, El Cid.”

With Cid Simian defeated, Subodai will ask you to return to the nearest Tavern to celebrate his accomplishment. The closest Tavern here in the Tierra Primata Skyway will be over at St. Bonobo’s Abbey.


Return to the cellar of the Tavern and Subodai will thank you for helping him win his destiny. With the quest complete he will level up and become a Horse Warrior with his new Warrior’s plume.


Epic Promotion Number Two:

Subodai’s next promotion will come when he reaches level 46. At this level he will take the opportunity to become a Horse Khan.

My Subodai has a bit farther to go before he reaches this level. But as soon as he does, I’ll update his Quest page.

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