Putting The Pieces Together – Completed Puzzles

One-Eyed Jack

One-Eyed Jack

We Have A Pirate101 Mystery

Yesterday One-Eyed Jack sent packages around the Pirate101 spiral to the worldly fan sites.

Did you visit all the Fan Sites realms and put the pieces together?

Well if you didn’t, you can see the completed pictures here and get a glimpse of the coming updates to the Pirate Spiral.

Click the “continue reading” to reveal the puzzles!

This is a spoiler, if you want to put the pieces together for yourself. So don’t click here if you don’t want to know!


Click the image to see a larger view.


Is this Marlybone?


Is this the new Kroktopia?!

What awaits the faithful crew of fans? Stay tuned as we reveal more news from One-Eyed Jack.

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2 thoughts on “Putting The Pieces Together – Completed Puzzles

  1. The second image is not Krock. It’s Aquila(sry if not correct spelling) notice the two huge statues of eagles.

  2. Yarrr! I don’t care if it’s Marleybone, Krokotopia or New Jersey as long as we get a new world soon. My crew is getting restless. One thing I do hope is that KI will try to stick more to a “piratey” theme. Otherwise it’s just Wizard101 with a different battle format. Fair sailing friends!

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