Companion Promotion – Bonnie Anne

Bonnie Anne  Fox Musketeer

Bonnie Anne
Fox Sharpshooter

The Fox Musketeer Companion

Near the beginning of the game, every Pirate meets up with Bonnie Anne. She’s a great Fox and good Musketeer who lends a helping hand from the start of your questing through the spiral.

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When you first meet Bonnie Anne she is a Fox Musketeer. You can learn much more about her abilities and skills from Pirate101 Central.

As you level up your companions they will occasionally reach epic promotion opportunities. Bonnie’s first epic promotion occurs when she is promoted to Level 8.

After you applied training points and she reaches this level, she’ll tell you she needs to speak with you.  “Captain I need to speak with you about something important. Let’s go to a Tavern Cellar”.

In the Tavern she’ll explain more: “Cap’n, the time has come for me to become a true Sharpshooter. My mentor, Ol’ Fish Eye, can give me his blessing an’ then I’ll be ready.” Ol’ Fish Eye is the trainer of all Musketeers and he’s easily accessible in Avery’s Court.

This quest will require you to have access to Jonah Town and Corsair’s Cove in the Skull Island Skyway.

The Skull Island Skyway
Travel to Skull Island in the Skull Island Skyway.


Head to Avery’s Court and the Bastian next to Avery’s house (look for the gun at the bottom of the map).

Skull Island - Avery's Court

You’ll find Ol’ Fish Eye who will explain Bonnie already knows what she needs to know, but she needs a better gun.


Of course it’s not as easy as Ol’ Fish Eye giving the gun to Bonnie. Nope. You have to go find it.  You’ll be sent off to find Adolphus who ran off and joined the Cutthroats. Last heard of, he was on a ship called the “Old Chum” which has been seen up on Skull Mountain.  Now you’ve seen the Old Chum before, but you may not remember it. It’s docked up on Skull Mountain when you first met the Cutthroats.  So run on up there and take care of Adolphus and his henchmen.

He’ll tell you a song and dance about the gun being discarded over in Corsair’s Cove. Easy enough to find it there, it’s right on the beach. When you do, Bonnie will tell you about her old friend, Lucius Fox, a gunsmith who lives in Gullet that can probably fix it. At first Lucius will give you a hard time, but when he learns the gun is for Bonnie, a snap of his fingers and it’s brand new!


With new gun in hand, Bonnie will want to celebrate of course. The nearest Tavern is top side in Jonah Town, the Golden Fin. So head on up there where Bonnie will thank you for helping her find the Scaramanga. As you complete the quest, she’ll level up from a Musketeer to a Sharpshooter.


Epic Promotion Number Two:

Bonnie Anne’s next promotion will come when he reaches level 31. At this level she will take the opportunity to become a Fox Sniper through Her Majesty’s Secret Service quest.

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