It’s Pirates De Mayo in the Spiral!

horse-bandCome Celebrate & Enter For Your Chance To Win!

Hello Pirates! It’s that time of the year to celebrate with music, dance and piñatas!!

Pirates de Mayo is a grand holiday in Cool Ranch, and the Royal Family on KingsIsle are celebrating with a fun sale, free Sombrero giveaway and a brand new Gobbler Piñata housing item!

Find all the special savings on crown items and pick up some of the great items you’ve been wanting at a discount!

All of the Pirate101 fan sites are giving away codes for free Gobbler piñatas and Crowns during this month, so make sure to check all of them out and enter to win today! Ole!

Here on A Pirate’s Portal, we’ll be holding our usual trivia contest where you can win a special game code and a chance to win in game prizes!

This month you can redeem your code for a chance to win a Gobbler Piñata (yes, the same one from Wizard101) and 2,500 crowns per code. Unlike Wizard101, the Gobbler Piñata in Pirate101 will be a limited time offered item that will only be making an appearance in the crown shop this weekend for Pirates De Mayo. That makes it extra awesome!

  • ALL of these codes expire at the end of June 2013. You must use the code by then or you’ll lose your chance for a prize. Even though the Gobbler Piñata will only be in the crown shop for this weekend, your code can be redeemed anytime in May or June to claim your Piñata.
  • Only one code can be redeemed per account.
    • This means if you win a code here, and another code from one of the other fansites, you’ll only be able to use one of those codes per account.
    • Should you win two codes, but only have one account, you can give the 2nd code away to a family member with their own account, to a friend or forfeit the code and allow it to expire. No substitutions or recompense will be provided by A Pirate’s Portal, or Pirate101.

Stay tuned to A Pirate’s Portal as we release the first trivia question and a chance for YOU to win a special code!!

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