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ratbeardThe Buccaneer Rat Companion

As your Pirate works through the Gunn’s Gold quest in the Skull Island Skyway, you’ll be trying to catch Ratbeard who will become a member of your crew at the end of the quest.

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When you first meet Ratbeard he is a Rat Officer. You can learn much more about his abilities and skills from Pirate101 Central.

As you level up your companions they will occasionally reach epic promotion opportunities. Ratbeards’s first epic promotion occurs when he is promoted to Level 10. This one of the easier promotions to accomplish.

After you applied training points and he reaches this level, he’ll tell you he needs to speak with you. Let’s go to a nearby Tavern so you can talk.

In the Tavern he’ll tell you


This quest will require you to have access to Flotsam and Scrimshaw.

The Tradewinds Skyway
Ratbeard’s promotion will begin when he tells you “”I sold me best Blade and Captain’s Finery to Bill Bobstay, a Pawn Broker in Scrimshaw.” When you have access to the Tradewinds Skyway, head on over to Scrimshaw and you’ll find Bill inside the Tavern.

Bill will explain he sold the cloths to an ‘old’ friend of Ratbeard’s named “Twitch” Jake Creedy. You’ll soon find that Jack is in no mood to simply give the Captain’s finery back to him without a fight. If you’ve leveled up your other companions and acquired your own skills from your Pirate Class Trainer, this should be a pretty easy battle to win.

But you’ll discover that the fine blade was sold to your old friend One-Eyed Jack in Flotsam. Once Ratbeard has his cloths back, head over to the Black Spot Tavern and find Jack. When you catch up with him he’ll tell you “”If I’m right, Ratbeard has come looking for his Blade. Don’t get cross, I bought it to hold it safe for you! Least I could do for an old friend.” Uh oh…that doesn’t sound good.

He tells you where the sword is, but he puts a condition on its recovery. I told you it didn’t sound good!


You and your crew run down to find the Vacant Cabin and retrieve the sword. But of course it’s not going to be that easy. As you turn to leave, the Captain’s Ghostly Crew will appear and they won’t be too happy with you. You promised them you’d capture Ratbeard and he’d pay for the crime of poisoning them. So now you’ll have to fight your way out!

That’s not the easiest of battles to get through. Some of these ghostly crewman have a powerful punch. The Evil Spirits can double up on their attacks and truly become Relentless! Plan your attacks well and you’ll get through the battle. When you’ve completed the battle Ratbeard will ask you to return to the nearest tavern so he can think. Of course that will be back to One-Eyed Jack’s Black Spot Tavern.

“I’d never have harmed a hair on those boys’ heads. Oh, I’d trick ’em out o’ their share o’ the treasure, but that’s just piratin’. He’ll give you his brand of thanks and let you know “I guess I’ll try your brand o’ piratin’. I’m glad to be on your crew Cap’n. You’ve shown me the error o’ me old ways.”

Upon completion of his thanks, he’ll level up and you and the crew can raise a glass to his promotion from Rat Officer to Rat Commander.


Epic Promotion Number Two:

Ratbeard’s next promotion will come when he reaches level 28. At this level he will take the opportunity to become a Rat Captain. Check our Ratbeard Companion Promotion #2.

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