Congratulations To Saturday’s Pirate de Mayo Winners!


Learn About Merriweather Clark

Thanks to One-Eyed Jack for the Pirate De Mayo game codes! And to all the Pirate101 fans who entered our latest Give Away Trivia Contest.

I hope all our winners will send us a picture of their Pirates with their new Cool Ranch Gobbler Piñata housing item and maybe some shots of what they purchased with their free 2,500 crowns! We would love to share them here on the Portal and help you celebrate!

Our Saturday Contest Day began at 6:30 pm eastern Friday 05/03 – and closed at 6pm Saturday 05/04!

Saturday’s Pirate De Mayo Trivia Question

Merriweather Clark in Cool Ranch, is based on what historical figures and what are they famous for?

Lewis & Clark
Captain Meriwether Lewis and his close friend Second Lieutenant William Clark, who are known for
The Lewis and Clark Expedition, also known as the Corps of Discovery Expedition was the first American expedition to cross what is now the western portion of the United States, departing from St. Louis on the Mississippi River making their way westward through the continental divide to the Pacific coast..

We randomly selected 6 correct answers for tonight’s drawing.

Congratulations Captains!!
We’ve sent you an email with your game code and instructions for how to redeem the code online. If you don’t receive the email or have problems, please let us know.

Saturday’s Winners
Captain Jasmine Radcliffe
Captain Bristly Kevin Chamberlain
Captn Kevin Chamberlin

Captain Nimble Galen Wright
Captain Bold Seamus Percy
Captain Clever Kestrel Bowman
Captain Noble Emily Ovingham

We received 11 emails today. All of those provided the correct answer! Yeah! Each of us picked a random number from 1 to 11. We counted through the emails as they were received and those were our winners. We picked the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 8th and 10th emails.

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