Tavern Locations

tavernsMeet Up With Your Crew

From time to time you’ll be asked to meet up with your crew in the nearest Tavern.

Inside each tavern you’ll find a barkeep, a training tome salesman, several patrons who will have quests for you to complete through out the game, and a cellar.

The cellar is where you’ll find time to meet with your crew and have a chat.

It’s helpful to know which worlds have taverns and what they’re names are.

World Land / Tavern BarKeep Training
Skull Island
– The Kraken Skulls
Skinny Pete Professor Byron Prospector Zeke
Marquis Mark
Jonah Town
– Golden Fin Tavern
Katherine Flay Professor Marsh Conquest Cutler
– The Black Spot
One-Eyed Jack Professor Rice Old Ned
Al Nerry
Scrimshaw Docks
– Hole in the Wall Tavern
Barkeep Bardolf Professor Phipps Bill Bobs
Monquista St. Bonobo’s Abbey – Dining Hall Ms. Bailey Professor Milo
Cooper’s Roost – Silver Spur Saloon Bartender Cecil Professor Armitage Mary Macaw
Bill Peacock
Jane Canary
Captain Reynolds
Desmond Argleston
Santo Pollo – Gallo Loco Cantina Sancho
Professor Mendez Mustang Toreador
AleJandro Ramirez
Captain ReynoldsBartender
Dos Amigos Y Uno
Port Regal Port Regal Township
– The Hope and Anchor
Professor Morgan Tim
Mr. Finch
Captain Corcoran
Marleybone Isle of Dogs
– Admiral Benibow Tavern
Professor White Zeke & Eloise
Ned Land
Kaitlin Quinn
Isle of Dogs Sewers
– Snail and Newt Tavern
Jimmy Stuart Professor Brown Felix
Crokagator Dundee
Simon Coalburn
Smiling Shane
Scotty Walters
Aquila Nova Aquila
– The Golden Bough
Professor Schuessler Pandion
Florenza Florenza
– Mezzaluna Tavern
Professor Beaumont Alexei Zhukovitch

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