Companion Promotion – Mormo

Mormo The Water Mole Witchdoctor

Mormo The Water Mole Witchdoctor

The Witchdoctor’s Water Mole Companion

If you choose a Witchdoctor as your pirate class, you’ll find Mormo the Water Mole Witchdoctor as your  reward from the Bad Company quest.

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When you first meet Mormo he is a simple Witch doctor. You can learn much more about his abilities and skills from Pirate101 Central.

As you level up your companions they will occasionally reach epic promotion opportunities. Mormo’s first epic promotion occurs when he is promoted to Level 15.

After you applied training points and he reaches this level, he’ll tell you he needs to speak with you. Let’s go to a nearby Tavern so you can talk. In his case, Mormo will say, “It is time. Mormo must be tested, must prove power. Mormo needs your help. We talk under Tavern.”

Go to your near by Tavern and let Mormo tell you his tale.


This quest will require you to have access to The Tradewinds Skyway.

The Skull Island Skyway
It’s off to the “home” stomping grounds of the Skull Island Skyway. If you remember, Rapa Nui is the Water Mole island near Jonah Town. Head on over there and find Chief Omutu.

The Chief will explain that for Mormo to become a “Spirit Caller” he will need two things: “a Spirit Staff, and a Mojo Mask. Mormo – you must win your staff in battle!” Omutu will help you out with that too. “In the deepest cave under Waponi Wu you will find Nan Madol, Shaman of evil Waponi tribe. Take his Spirit Staff to pass your first test. Go!”

Off you go to the Flotsam Skyway and the Volcano soaked land of Waponi Wu. If you stay to the edge of the village, you can get through to the mountain path without having a fight.

You’ll be heading off to find Nan Madol in the Mojo Cave. But to get there, you’ll need to pass through the Tobi Taa Cavern. Try to hug the cavern walls on your right and you might get through without a fight. When you enter the Mojo Cave Nan Madol will have a thing or two to say to you. Well one thing really,  “Mormo! You dare face me? I will crush you like a bug!” Focus on one enemy at a time and you’ll have no problem defeating Madol and his Evil Spirit henchmen.


When you have won the battle Mormo will say “It is done! The Staff is mine! Now Chief Omutu will give Mormo the second test!” and you’ll be off again to the Skull Island Skyway to Rapa Nui.

Chief Omutu will welcome you back and tell Mormo, “There is only one more thing you need – your Mojo Mask, anchor of your Power. You must make your Mask and bind a Dread Spirit into it!” Well that doesn’t sound like a smart thing to do. Who wants a Dread Spirit on their face? The Water Moles apparently. “Go to the Isle of Doom – there, in the deepest jungles, the Trees walk and speak. Talk to Old Banyon. He will tell you what to do.”

Now if you remember Old Banyon is in the jungle at the old Gold Mine in the Tradewinds Skyway. So off you go. It’s a long journey, so you better get started.

When you find Banyon he’ll tell that “you seek to make a Mojo Mask? No easy thing.”. He’s not kidding. “You must take Magic Beads from one of the Old Ones – a mighty warrior king of the past, entombed near the encampment of the Talking Monkeys.”  So you know you have at least one battle to win. He then tells you you’ll need to go to the Ancient Chamber with an Altar to make your mask there. But “Beware! The Spirit that comes will be powerful, and angry. It will take all your strength to bind it.” And that’s the second battle you’ll have to get through. It’s the one you may have trouble with.

So off you go to the first fight. You’ll first be directed to the Cave Tomb to face the Aztecosaur Blood Lord. You’ll find the Tomb back in the Gold Mine.

With the Aztecosaur Blood Lord taken care off, you’ll have to run to the Ancient Ruins and the Excavated Temple. Before you go, make sure your potion bottle is completely filled. You may need it to complete the two, yes two battles in the Altar Room.

Now, Remember the Plundered Tunnels in the Ancient Ruins? All the way at the end of the tunnels is the Altar Room and that’s where you’re going. This time when you reach the Chamber before the altar room you’ll find a boat load of Monkey Guards who make a big deal about “You Shall Not Pass.” Ok, stay to the walls and run around them, you’ll access the Altar Room doors with no fight at all.

Within the Altar Room, you’ll need to prepare for two battles. Your first battle will be against the guards of the Altar, the Aztecosaur Mummies. They’re not easy to defeat if you split your forces. But if you concentrate your attacks on one Mummy at a time, you’ll get through this first battle. With the Guards defeated, you’ll run up to the Altar to Summon the Spirit of Dread that Mormo will bind to the Mojo Mask.

mormo3Of course the Spirit of Dread arrives with his warning of doom, “Mortal Fool! Do not call up what ye cannot put down!” Now Mormo yells back in a brave tone, “Mormo has called you! You will obey Mormo!”. Well maybe, but not without a fight. Again don’t divide your forces. Focus on one enemy at a time and you’ll put the Dread Spirit down with his henchmen easy enough.

With the battle won, Mormo will bind the Dread Spirit to the Mojo Mask and announce “It is done! Mormo is tested! Now we go to Tavern to celebrate.” The closest Tavern from the Gold Mine will be over at Scrimshaw. You could also click on the teleport to go back to Skull Island and run into the Kracken Tavern too.

Like your other Companions, Mormo has some manners and is grateful for your help.

With that little speech he’ll level up and you and the crew can raise a glass to his promotion from a Witchdoctor to a Spirit Caller!


Epic Promotion Number Two:

Mormo’s next promotion will come when he reaches level 39. At this level he will take the opportunity to become a Water Mole Obeah. (Obeah is a form of spiritual belief involving sorcery, practiced in parts of the West Indies, South America, the southern U.S., and Africa. You can learn more about Obeah on Wikipedia.)

My Mormo has a bit farther to go before he reaches this level. But as soon as he does, I’ll update his Quest page.

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