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Subodai Horse Warrior

Subodai Horse Warrior

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– Updated 09/2018

Each Pirate class has its own set of companions that can become part of your crew. You can also buy companions from the crown shop, or in bundle packs. You can also acquire special companions through Pirate101 game promotions and Fansite contests.

Some of these special companions are offered one time only and if you don’t pick one up, you may never have a chance to acquire them again. But not to fret, you’ll probably like some of the new companions offered through game upgrades.

You can learn more about Companions on the Pirate101 Companion Wiki. And you can learn more about the quests that provide the companions on the Pirate101 Quest Wiki.

Here we have our own information about Companions that may help your questing through the Spiral.

Companion Guide – A simple list of the current companions in Pirate101 by Pirate Class. Why do some pirates battle with Subodai and others with Egg Shen? How do you acquire Mormo the Witch Doctor or Sarah Steele the Mouse Fencer? The Companion Guide can tell you who’ll find in the Spiral and how they come to be part of your crew.

Starter Companion Promotions:
Each Pirate Class begins the game with a “starter companion”. Which starter you receive depends on which pirate class you have chosen when you created your pirate. From time to time all Companions reach levels of Epic Promotion and go through quests to acquire their new talents and abilities. These are the promotion guides for our companions. This is a work in progress, so check back often.

  • Kobe Yojimbo – Bull Companion For Buccaneers
    • Bull Samoori – Level 13 Promotion
    • Bull Samoori Lord – Level 46 Promotion
  • Wing Chun – Crane Companion For Musketeer
    • Crane Disciple – Level 13 Promotion
    • Crane Master – Level 46 Promotion
  • Egg Shen – Goose Companion For Privateers
    • Goose Disciple – Level 13 Promotion
    • Goose Master – Level 46 Promotion
  • Subodai – Horse Companion For Swashbucklers
    • Horse Warrior – Level 13 Promotion
    • Horse Khan – Level 46 Promotion
  • Kan Po – Goat Companion For Witchdoctors
    • Goat Disciple – Level 13 Promotion
    • Goat Master – Level 46 Promotion

Quest Companions:
Like the Starter Companions, these members of your crew will also go through quests for Epic promotions and gain new talents and abilities.

  • Bonnie Anne – Fox Musketeer
  • Old Scratch – Witchdoctor Companion
  • RatBeard – Rat Bucccaneer Companion
  • El Toro – Masked Hero Companion
    • Masked Companion – Level 40 Promotion

Bad Company Quest – Class Companions
Pirates share quests, but sometimes the quest will offer different companions. The Bad Company quest for instance will reward Mormo (Water Mole Witchdoctor) to the Witchdoctor class pirates, while the same quest will reward Sarah Steele (Mouse Fencer) to the Swashbuckler class.

  • Mormo – Water Mole Witchdoctor for Witchdoctors
    • Spirit Caller – Level 15 Promotion
    • Obeah – Level 39 Promotion
  • Sarah Steel – Mouse Fencer for Swashbucklers
    • Mouse Swashbuckler – Level 15 Promotion
    • Mouse Corsair – Level 39 Promotion
  • Louis Le Bisque – Crab Harpooner for Musketeers
    • Crab Gunner – Level 15 Promotion
    • Crab Cannoneer – Level 39 Promotion
  • Barnabus Sloth Guardsman for Buccaneers
    • Sloth Buccaneer – Level 15 Promotion
    • Sloth Warrior – Level 39 Promotion
  • Ensign Emmett – Otter Ensign for Privateers
    • Otter Lieutenant – Level 15 Promotion
    • Otter Commander – Level 39 Promotion

Quid Quo Pro – Story Line Companions
In addition to these Class companions, you can also pick up companions based on some of your initial story line when you first created your pirate. For instance in the Quid Quo Pro quest to recover the spice from the Presidio, the “old family friend of your parents” varies based on how your lost your parents.

  • Dead Mike (Undead Pirate) – Orphaned by Mutiny
    • Undead Revenant – Level 21 Promotion
    • Undead Avenger – Level 47 Promotion
    • Undead Vindicator – Level 67 Promotion
  • Lucky Jack Russell (Dog Pirate) – Orphaned by Shipwrecked
    • Dog Privateer – Level 21 Promotion
    • Dog Captain – Level 47 Promotion
    • Dog Windjammer – Level 67 Promotion
  • Gaspard de Vole (Guinea Pig Guard) – Orphaned by Armada
    • Guinea Pig Buccaneer – Level 21 Promotion
    • Guinea Pig Mercenary – Level 47 Promotion
    • Guinea Pig Halberdier – Level 67 Promotion
  • Milo Graytail (Rat Brigand) – Orphaned by Storm
    • Rat Rapscallion – Level 21 Promotion
    • Rat Scoundrel – Level 47 Promotion
    • Rat Plunderer – Level 67 Promotion
  • Birgus Latro (Crab Thug) – Orphaned by Squid Attack
    • Crab Body Guard – Level 21 Promotion
    • Crab Soldier – Level 47 Promotion
    • Crab Champion – Level 67 Promotion

Crown Shop Companions:
As you travel through the game and complete quests, more companions become available to you in the Crown Shop. For instance when you earn the Badge “Best Chum” the completion of that quest unlocks the purchase availability for your own version of Fin Dorsal.

Shop companions, at least the ones I have so far, attain Epic promotions through paying a fee in pieces of Gold. If I’m not mistaken, each companion has their own fee. Fin was 2,600 gold pieces for his first epic promotion; but Garrett Hawkins paid 3,200 for one of his crown companions.

There are so many different Companions that you can purchase that I’m probably not going to be able to list them all from experience. I’ve only purchased one of these Crown Shop Companions, but here’s what I’ve learned about him.

  • Fin Dorsal – Cutthroat Pirate


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