The Pirate101 Test Realm is Open

character1Marleybone and Aquila are Here!

Please join us in testing Marleybone, Aquila, the Bazaar, Second Chance Chests, Transportalors, a new tutorial, and tons more!

The Test Realm is an area where players can help test and preview new changes coming to Pirate101. It is only open to Members with an active Membership and Crowns players who have made a purchase of $6 or more in the last 30 days. We thank you for your help in testing Pirate101!

New Companions abound–additional companions await your discovery, Pirates, and many of your old companions will discover new powers and tiers of promotion available to them.

See the Update Notes page for more information about the arrival of Book 13 and 14 to the Test Realm and all the upcoming improvements to Pirate101.

Also be sure to check out the articles at MMORPG and Massively for more specific information about Marleybone and Aquila.

If you’ve never been to the test realm before, here’s what you can expect. Download the installation from the Sneak Peek Test Realm page on Once the realm is installed, login with your Member id and password you use for the Live game! Remember you must be a member with an active Membership and Crowns players who have made a purchase of $6 or more in the last 30 days.

Once you’re logged in you’ll find your current Live game characters are ready and waiting for you in the Test Realm. But keep in mind that what you do IN the Test Realm WILL NOT affect your Live game play. If you advance your Pirate in Test, it will not advance your Pirate in the Live Realm. And vice versa.

What you get out of the test realm is a sneak peek before anyone else! But that also means you will run into bugs, glitches and issues that don’t exist in the Live game. Be patient. Report problems so the folks at KI know what to look for and fix before they roll out the new worlds in the Live game. Have fun!

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