Our Final Aquila Game Code Winners

marleyboneOur Final Aquila Contest Winners!

Thanks to One-Eyed Jack for the Aquila Celebration game codes! And to all the Pirate101 fans who entered our latest Give Away Trivia Contest.

I hope all our winners will send us a picture of their Pirates! We would love to share them here on the Portal and help you celebrate! Back on June 1st we announced that we had 12 codes to give away. We always hold a few codes in reserve in case someone has a problem with an awarded code. So today we have 5 codes to give away!

Our Final Trivia Question!

Where and who heard the voices of the Immortals?


In Nova Aquila’s High Temple the voices of the Immortals were heard by the Temple Priests.

Learn more about Aquila:
Generations after the fall, a new hero rose: Aquilus, the Golden Eagle, who defeated the monsters that teemed in the ruins of proud Aquila and united the Eagles again. Aquilus forged the Second Empire and founded the shining city of Nova Aquila. In its High Temple the priests heard the voices of the Immortals once again: after centuries of darkness, the Olympians brought prosperity and good fortune back to their children.

Congratulations Captains!!
We’ve sent you an email with your game code and instructions for how to redeem the code online. If you don’t receive the email or have problems, please let us know.

Our Final Winners
Captain Wicked Esmeralda Nightingale
Captain Quirky Anna Vaughn
Captain Autumn
Captain Fearless Heather
Captain Fearless Katie Jackson
Congratulations Captains!

We received 15 email entries. Of those 11 provided the correct answer!  Each of us here at the Portal picked a random number from 1 to 11. We counted through the emails as they were received and those were our winners. We picked the 1st, 4th, 8th, 10th and 11th emails.

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