Our Aquila Grand Prize Winners!

A Pirate's Portal Aquila Vessel

A Pirate’s Portal’s Aquila Galleon

Congratulations To Our Aquila Grand Prize Winners!

Thanks to One-Eyed Jack for the Aquila Celebration game codes! And to all the Pirate101 fans who entered for a chance to win a “Grand Prize” code for the month awarding the unreleased Aquila Crown Shop Vessel and 10,000 Crowns to boot!!!

I hope our winners will send us a picture of their Pirates and their ship! We would love to share them here on the Portal and help you celebrate!

Our Contest Day began on 06/05 Wednesday at  7:30pm eastern – and closed Saturday 11am eastern 06/08!

Our Grand Prize Trivia Question

Aquila is a Latin word for eagle.
Where does the word “Aquila” come from
AND where can you find “it” today?

This might have been a hard one for some. But you don’t need access to Aquila to find the answer and we gave you a hint: there’s a story behind the name, look for that and you should be able to find the answers.

The Answers We Were Looking For:
Aquila (also known as Aetos Dios) was a giant, golden eagle which served as Zeus’ personal messenger and animal companion. In one account Zeus adopts the golden eagle as a good omen before the Titan War. In another account the eagle was once a mortal king named Periphas, whose virtuous rule was so celebrated that he came to be honored like a god. Zeus, in anger, would have smote him with a thunderbolt, but Apollo intervened. He  transformed the king into an eagle and sat him beside Zeus to be his companion. Zeus to the Greeks is known as “Jupiter” to the Romans.

Zeus to the Greeks "Jupiter" to the Romans Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia

“Jupiter” – Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia

Today Aquila can be found in the heavens. Aquila, The Celestial Eagle, is one of the three constellations which have bright stars forming the Summer Triangle. A nearly perfectly straight line of three stars symbolizes part of the wings. The center and brightest of these three stars is Altair. The tips of the wings extend further to the southeast and northwest. The head of the eagle stretches off to the southwest.


Aquila – The Celestial Eagle

You can also learn more on Aquila at Wikipedia.

Congratulations Captains!!
We’ve sent you an email with your game code and instructions for how to redeem the code online. If you don’t receive the email or have problems, please let us know.

Our Grand Prize Winners
Captain Duncan Stubborn Freeman
Captain  Jack Teach

Captain Jack Teach's Aquila Galleon

Captain Jack Teach’s Aquila Galleon

We received 42 email entries. Of those 29 provided the correct answer! Yeah! Each of us here at the Portal picked a random number from 1 to 29. We counted through the emails as they were received and those were our winners. We picked the 7th and 20th emails.

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