Captain Victoria Stuart – Ships Log 416607.02

Questing News From The Spiral

Captain's Log Victoria Stuart On The Lucky PearlIt’s a grand day for me. The day I have accumulated wealth, power and standing in the Pirate Spiral. I longed for this day since my childhood in Marleybone. Never did I think it would arrive, but here it is.

What makes this day so special, you ask? It’s the first time I can sit behind a Captain’s desk and enter the details of my first real ship!

Now while we have been on this light skiff for some time, it wasn’t really mine until today. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m not much for long drawn out tails, so I’ll make our journey to this day brief and to the point. Exactly how a true Privateer likes it. Give me the facts and figures and allow me to get on with my business.

My parents and I sailed the blue skies for many an age and a day. Mutineers turned against my father who was Captain of his own vessel. They cast my parents off on some forsaken island and left them there to die. As for me, well thankfully they didn’t wish me any harm, but taking me from my parents was more harm than they realized. They dropped me on the docks in Marleybone and sailed off with my Father’s ship.

Thankfully a kindhearted man recognized me that day on the docks and took me to my Uncle Merlin. Merlin Stuart was a proper Gentleman in service to the Royals. He was a mage, skilled in the arts of navigation and science, as well as astrology and alchemy. With no children of his own, Merlin shared his knowledge with me and bestowed the talents of business into my veins as well as my mind.

The Armada however is not friendly to business and Uncle Merlin was determined to help end their stranglehold upon the Skyway! We were doing business both here and far when our ship was captured and we were imprisoned for smuggling weapons to the Resistance. I never saw Uncle Merlin again. Thankfully I and one of our crewmen Egg Chen, were rescued by our old family friends Captain Boochbeard and Mr. Gandry. We found ourselves on Skull Island and starting with nothing but our wits and swords.

I managed to convince Captain Avery to send me on a small mission at the cost of a new ship. To find a lost amulet that he prized. We discovered Troggies, Cutthroats and a few other unseemly creatures. While the quest was easy enough it seems Avery is not a local Governor to be trusted. The ship he supplied as payment was nothing more than a raft named The Pale Mackerel. It was my first harsh lesson; don’t trust the word of a Pirate. I shall not make that mistake again. But Egg and I have a boat and to the skyways we sailed with me as Captain and he as my First Mate. Along with our first crew mate, a Musketeer named Bonnie Annie we are feeling the breeze upon our faces and the freedom in our souls!

Though Avery is not to be trusted, his gold is real enough and doing “favors” for him is profitable. Egg and I set off to find Captain Gunn’s Treasure. Along the way we have seen Blood Shoals, Jonahtown, The Presidio where we found an old friend imprisoned. We were able to free Dead Mike whose kind of creep as an Undead Pirate, but friend he be and he helped us recover the Spice we were picking up for the Frog Father in Jonahtown. Our reward for that little quest was the pleasure of having Mike become part of our crew and the discovery of my parent’s ship.

The Silent Fortune

The Silent Fortune

It seems after the Mutineers took over, they made the mistake of landing here where the Frog Father discovered their deed. He dispatched of them properly, meaning I have no more need of revenge and took the ship for safe keeping.   To say I was over joyed with the concept of owning my Father’s light skiff, The Silent Fortune is an understatement. My crew is growing and if nothing else we needed the expanded room.

With my new ship under our feet we headed off to new grounds in search of Gunn’s Treasure. Flotsam Skyway is a nice little place. Not as vast as the Skull Island Skyway, but it’s still pretty nice. Course anything would seem great when you’re steering your very own ship that no one can take from you!

Flotsam reminds me a bit of Skull Island, at least for the residence anyway. We almost caught up with Ratbeard when he managed to escape once more. But we found a piece of clue that I don’t think he had. Off to Corsair’s Cove where Gunn kept a little house. From there it was off to the Ruined Lighthouse and searched for Gunn’s First Mate. We found his grave and that lead us to Bounty Island and Gunn’s Treasure! Which ….was stolen. But at least we knew where to find it. The Volcano Island of Waponi Wu.

There’s nothing worse than a bunch of religious zealots and that’s certainly what these Waponi are. They’re nuts! They think the volcano is a God and they wanted to give the gold to ‘him’. We finally caught up with Ratbeard. It wasn’t too hard as he was hanging upside down about to be fed to the Volcano. And the Waponi were tossing the cold into the mouth of the volcano. What in the world?!

Sparky A Scrimshaw Drake

We managed to defeat their crazy leader and once he jumped into the lava, the rest of the Waponi ran in fear. The question was, should we rescue Ratbeard? Or leave him to his own fate? Call me a softy, we rescued him and he asked to become a member of our crew. Not all of my crew were pleased with my approval, but I’m keeping an eye on him.

After completing a number of profitable quests for citizens in Gullet, Jonahtown, Skull Island, as well as, Rapa Nui and Floatsam, my crew has expanded to seven. Including myself and my trusted little battle pet, Sparky! He’s a Scrimshaw Drake and a great little soldier to have with you in a fight.

So in addition to Egg, and Bonnie Annie, we found Ensign Emmett in the Tavern on Skull Island trying to capture Ratbeard along with us. He became one of original crewman to board that raft Avery called a boat. After doing a favor for the Water Moles on Rapa Nui, we picked up Nanu Nanu. Something about owing us a life debt or something odd like that. I already mentioned where we found Dead Mike and thanks to the Frog Father, he’s with us as well.

Over at the Ruined Lighthouse we had to wade our way through Shady Hollow. Talk about a really spooky place! It would be fine with me if we never have to go back there. Been there twice and that’s two times enough for me! Well, back in the darkest part of the Hollow we found Hoodoo House and Old Scratch. He acted all tough, but he really is a pussy cat. An old dead skeleton cat, but still he was pretty harmless. He joined our crew and offered to use his Witchdoctor magic to help us find Gunn’s treasure. Good thing we brought him along, he really helped us out when we found Gunn, but no treasure!

And then, last but not least, there’s ole Capn’ Ratbeard himself. I wasn’t sure how he was going to stand up to another Captain giving him orders, much less a female Captain. But the man really does seem to be trying hard to change. I’ve been impressed. And say what you will about him, he has a head for business and negotiation.


The crew and I are off to a new skyway now. We’ll be heading to the Tradewinds Skyway to negotiate a treaty for Captain Avery in Puerto Mico. I’ve heard some tales in the local Taverns about these monkey Monquistans. Vile smelling creatures and not an honest one in the bunch. Hahaha..bunch..get it..monkey’s bananas in a bunch. I cracked myself up.

As to the first part of this journal entry, why this day is a great day. Because today I was able to not only paint our ship in my colors of black and red; but I had it registered with a new name as well. A name that suits me and my rag-tag crew. Meet The Lucky Pearl!

The Lucky Pearl A Light Skiff

The Lucky Pearl
A Light Skiff

Now I can sit behind this Captain’s desk, MY Captain’s desk and tell the tales of my very own adventures! The journey and triumphs of MY Crew as we sail the Skyways and find new treasure and riches for all to share! And that makes this day, the best day of my life. So far …

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