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Game Code Contest For July! Week 1 – Tuesday

Enter For Your Chance To Win On Tuesday!

Enter for your chance to win a Pennyfarthing 7-day Rental Mount + 1,000 Crowns. We’ll be giving away 2 codes each day on Tuesday the 9th to Friday the 12th.
We’ll randomly pick winners from our contest entries.

  1. Send us an email to:
  2. If you copy/paste our email, include in the subject line: 2013-July-Week1-Codes
  3. Include your name (First name only)
  4. Your FULL in game pirate name. Ie: Captain Victoria Bristol

If you are under the age of 13, remember to get your parents/guardians permission.

Our 1st Contest Day begins NOW – and will close at 6pm each night until Friday 07/12!

We’ll randomly choose the final winners from all entries received!

All you need to do is…. Continue reading

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