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July Game Code Week 1 – Friday’s Winners

pennyfarthingCongratulations To Our Friday Winners!

Thanks to One-Eyed Jack for the game codes! Today’s winners will receive a game code that provides a Pennyfarthing 7-day Rental Mount + 1,000 Crowns.

I hope our winners will send us a picture of their Pirates and their mount! We would love to share them here on the Portal and help you celebrate!

Our Contest Day began yesterday at 6:30pm eastern and ended today at 6:00pm.

water-mole-pirateOur Trivia Question

Tribes of Water Moles dwell across Skull Island, living in
their humble villages and plying the Skyways in their canoes.
There are two bands of Water Mole tribes.
Name both tribal bands.

The Answer

Tribes of Water Moles
The two largest tribes that remain have responded to changing
times in very different ways:

The Nui: Residents of Rapa Nui, the Nui tribe are peaceful –
they trade with everyone. Jovial and friendly, the Nui are
well-liked by traders and Pirates alike.

The Waponi: The silver-haired Water Moles who dwell at the
foot of the great volcano Waponi Wu have renounced their
traditional ways. Their blood feuds with the Nui are ancient
and legendary, but their hostility toward everybody
else is no less intense.

Congratulations Captains!!
We’ve sent you an email with your game code and instructions for how to redeem the code online. If you don’t receive the email or have problems, please let us know.

Today’s Winners
Captain Wobbly Matthew Inglewood
Captain Fearless Katie Jackson

We received 28 email entries. Of those 27 provided the correct answer! Yeah! Here at the Portal we picked a random number from 1 to 27. We counted through the emails as they were received and those were our winners. We picked the 14th and 21st emails.

Our Next Contest!

Join us next week when we give away a Game Code for a pair of permanent Black Rain Shades + 2,500 Crowns (NOTE, the Black Rain Shades is a level 50 item that cannot be stitched)! Our contest will be a week long and will be drawn on Friday. We’ll give away 2 codes!

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Captain Scarlet Hawkins – Ships Log 416607.12

captnlog-sh-fcQuesting News From The Spiral

News from Cool Ranch.

The crew and I have been traveling the Cool Ranch skyways for several weeks and there’s two things we have learned that are worth sharing.

First, there’s a specific order one should travel through the many towns and destinations. My sister in arms, Victoria Bristol, sent word that she tried to tackle one skyway before completing the one she was initially in and it was a disaster for her crew. It’s important to level up your skills and that of your crew and to complete as many of the quests in one skyway before heading off to another.

I hear A Pirate’s Portal has put a hold on updates to the Cool Ranch Quest Journal and have been preparing some rewrites. In the meantime, the crew and I have been battling through some tough battles through Big Sky and the other Skyways in Cool Ranch. Continue reading