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July Game Code Week 2 Winners

Win a permanent Pennyfarthing Mount  + 2,500 Crowns

Win a permanent Pennyfarthing Mount
+ 2,500 Crowns

Congratulations To Our Week 2 Winners!

Thanks to One-Eyed Jack for the game codes! Today’s winners will receive a game code that provides a Permanent Pennyfarthing Mount and 2,500 Crowns.

I hope our winners will send us a picture of their Pirates and their mount! We would love to share them here on the Portal and help you celebrate!

Tell Us A Story Contest!

This weeks contest was a creative one. We wanted you to tell us a short story about your favorite Pirate101 Pirate Character. That’s one of the pirates you created to play the game.

We asked that your story be:

  • About one of your pirate characters
  • At least 3 paragraphs
  • A minimum of 150 words
  • No more than 200 words

Your story could be about where your pirate grew up, how they meet their first mate, an adventure they shared with their crew or games they like to play with their pet. What ever you’d like it to be. Make if entertaining and have fun with your story. It can be scary, adventurous, an entry in your Captain’s Log or just plain funny!

And boy did we receive some great stories! 32 in all and each one was pretty great. But we had to pick two. We sectioned out our favorite stores, and cut the entries to 28. Still a lot to choose from. So we went through them again and cut the entries to 14. This was really really hard. So we decided to randomly pick two entries from the 14. We picked story 6 and 14.

Congratulations Captains!! Continue reading