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Arrrgust Housing Celebration – Grand Prize Contest

A Whimsical Tree House From Daniels Woodland

No Not A Pirate House Like This One
This Is A Whimsical Tree House From Daniels Woodland
It’s a special made kit that you and your family can build in your own backyard. Click the image and visit

Enter For Your Chance To Win A Random Class House + Pack O Porters + 10k Crowns!

Our Grand Prize Arrrgust Housing Celebration Contest begins today! We’ll draw 2 winners on Monday August 12th! Enter for your chance to win one of our Grand Prize Game Codes from Pirate101!

We’ll randomly pick winners from all the correct Trivia contest entries.

  1. Send us an email to:
  2. If you copy/paste our email, include in the subject line: 2013 Arrrgust Grand Prize
  3. Include your name (First name only)
  4. Your FULL in game pirate name. Ie: Captain Victoria Bristol
    Important Note:
    A lot of people are forgetting to do this; entries that do not include your Pirate Captain’s name will not be considered.

If you are under the age of 13, remember to get your parents/guardians permission.

Our Contest Day begins now 7pm on Friday – and will close at 6pm on Monday August 12th. Continue reading

Arrrgust Housing Celebration Porter Winners

porters2Congratulations To Our Arrrgust Pack O Porter Winners!

Our second August Housing Celebration Contest winners will receive a game code that provides a Pack O Porters and 5,000 Crowns!

I hope our winners will send us a picture of their Pirates and their new prizes! We would love to share them here on the Portal and help you celebrate!


Our Trivia Question

The Swashbuckler’s Horse Companion Subodai
is based on what famous person in history?


The Answer Continue reading