Captain Victoria Hobbes– Ships Log 416608.22

captnlog-vh-gwQuesting News From The Spiral

The Crew and I made it to Flotsam and barely missed getting hold of Ratbeard in one of the many cabins there. Even with one wooden leg he sure is a slippery character. Of course that One-Eyed Jack character wasn’t a lot of help at first. I’m still a little miffed about his sending us off on a wild goose tail through town. Who knows, he might come in useful again one day.

What is it they say “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. I’m not saying he’s an enemy, but he sure is someone you can’t always trust on face value. That’s for sure. But then he’s a pirate and that could be said about all of us! That’s for sure.

In our quest to find Gunn’s map and treasure we ran into a number of folk in Flotsam who needed some help.  We picked up some good coin from those little odd jobs. And we did find the secret to the location of Gunn’s treasure. Along the way we also picked up a new crewman who I wasn’t sure about at first. But Old Scratch the Undead Witchdoctor proved very useful when we made it to the hidden treasure. Of course we discovered it wasn’t hidden by rather stolen by water moles on Waponi Wu. I’ll be satisfied if we never have to go back there again!

Captain and Crew on Waponi Wu

Captain and Crew on Waponi Wu

Of course we had to save Ratbeard while we were there. Seems his luck of narrowly escaping ran out. Those crazy Waponi had Ratbeard dangling over the mouth of the volcano with hot lava splashing up from beneath him. He was hanging by a string tied to his peg leg, forced to watch the Waponis chucking Gunn’s gold into the volcano to please their God! At least Ratbeard admitted he didn’t deserve to be saved, “I’m the lowliest blaggard to ever sail the skies” he said. Well that was the truth. Kind of made me feel sorry for him. So we rescued him.

Once we did though, he proclaimed his gratitude by saying he’d change the nature of his ways and try our brand of pirating. If we’d have him that is. The crew wasn’t sure about taking him on, but I said we’d give him a try. If it didn’t work out, we’d make him walk the plank. But we did collect Gunn’s gold and give Avery the item he was looking for.

Our success brought in enough gold to help refit the ship, pick up some new weapons and acquire some new cloths. Thank goodness too. Our tattered wear was getting rather shabby. Avery sent us off on a new mission, to bring a trade agreement to the Monquistans in Puerto Mico over in the Tradewinds Skyway. A new place to explore? Absolutely we took that mission!

Now talk about smelly folk. They can dress up in the fanciest cloths in the world, they all still stink to me! Nothing but bananas and plantains. Yuck! Course, sometimes my crew can get a little smelly too when we’re on a quest. The Monquistan Governor sent us on a quest of his own, to find some criminal named Gortez. We’re trying to broker the deal here for Avery, so we had to take it.

I guess the most interesting place we discovered in Tradewinds was the Gold Mine. Many interesting adventures in that place. If you could get rid of the monkeys and monsters it really is a beautiful place. Though I believe the Armada troops that are there may have their sights on ruining the place. We got around those guys and made it to the hideout where Gortez was hold up. Now he’s a lot different from those puny Monquistan monkeys. Gortez is a huge gorilla of a boss. Not easily defeated at all. Took a little doing but we finally captured him and took him back to Puerto Mico, along with another new crew member. A strange little water mole named Romba.

The Crew Of The Golden Windlass

The Crew Of The Golden Windlass

Of course there was a catch to this mission. While we defeating folk in the Gold Mine and risking head and limb to capture Gortez an uprising of sorts was happening back in Puerto Mico. The new Governor insisted we take Gortez to the royals in Monquista City. Great. Thank goodness this giant creature was being helpful to our quest. He’s rather a pleasant fellow once you get to know him.

For now, we’re off to Monquista!

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