Captain Victoria Hobbes– Ships Log 416608.28

captnlog-vhobbes-ssQuesting News From The Spiral

The crew and I are taking a much needed rest this evening. Our feet firmly planted on the beach, sipping well aged Yum with a wonderful scent of barbeque waffling through the air.

We completed our mission to Valencia this evening and well deserved rest we have certainly earned! Seems like it took days to get there. The Aragon Skyway is a long way from home.

Starting in familiar territory in the Tradewinds Skyway we headed off to Monquista for a quick visit with our old friends in Zenda. Gortez said he could help us with papers to get through the blockade to the Valencian storm gate.  If we could help the Resistance by taking out a few Monquistian ships.

I thought it was a great idea. It would give me a chance to see what our new ship the Santa Sophia could do with her new outfitted equipment. And it would give the Crew a chance to practice their skills as well. What a grand ship she is! And what ease she made of those Monquistians in battle as well.

Our favor complete, we picked up the papers from Gortez and the Queen in Zenda. Then we headed off to the next Stormgate and Valencia. We had no problem getting through the blockade at all. But we did experience a little mishap. Seems this stormgate doesn’t go directly to Valencia. Rather we had to travel through the hot fiery world of Dragonspyre.

Headed for Dragonspyre

Headed for Dragonspyre

I left Wing in charge of navigation while I went to my cabin and took a little rest. In his absent mindedness he veered off course and we ended up in an unexpected battle with some fiery dragon creatures. Fin was badly wounded, but we managed to patch him up once we got back on track. I had to confine Wing to his bunk, I think he preferred it anyway.

Before we arrived in Valencia I did have a chat with him and discussed his lack of focus. It seems he’s been having a bit of inner turmoil with his recent promotion. He believes he deserves it and he’s proud he achieved it, but he isn’t sure what to do with it. The rest of the crew has their own skills and he isn’t sure how a Disciple is supposed to act among these other folk who aren’t from Mooshu. He made me laugh actually. Be yourself I said to him. No one expects anything else of you or from you. They simply expect you to be yourself and contribute to the cause, whatever that maybe at the time. Our little talk seemed to work, because he really stepped up while we were in Valencia. A crisis of conscious and confidence. Who knew?!

So we made it to Valencia and located Captain Steed, who we were told should be able to help us get started on our quest. Talk about an attitude! He has already lost his war and doesn’t think anyone has a chance to beat the Armada. Well I’m not giving up. He did help though.

vhobbes-ridolfoWe took off to Sivella, the Unicorn’s Academy. A lovely building with amazing architecture. We took care of business and even ran into a fellow fighter, Ridolfo Capoferro, a Unicorn Duelist, who was in hiding from the Armada. They were closing in and we agreed to rescue him and sneak him out of the Academy before he was discovered.

We got what we needed here and true to our word, we took Ridolfo to Steeds Villa. But once we arrived and delivered our news to Steed, Ridolfo asked to become part of our crew. He had already proved his worth in a fight back in the Library at Sivella. I was glad to add him to our crew.

Sadly we could not share in a bounty of success with the recovery of Marco Pollo’s map. The books, letters and all his documents seem to have been lost. But we did find his Tomb in the Bruno Chapel. A lovely place that has been nearly destroyed by the Armada. We also found another stormgate crystal that we learned leads us to Cool Ranch.

We didn’t exactly get what we came for, but we got the next piece to the puzzle. We returned to Skull Island and made our plans for heading off to Cool Ranch. While we were here, Louis asked if he could visit the gunsmith Lucius Fox over in Gullet. Seems he felt he was due for an Epic Promotion. We needed to pick up a few supplies so we stopped in to see him while we were there. That “little visit” took us back to Valencia and more scrapes with the Armada.

Now we’re home and taking a little break before we head out to Cool Ranch in the morning. I have a fine crew here. And they do deserve a little relaxation and rest. Even if it is only for one evening.

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