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News – Henchmen Are Here!

henchmenNew To The Crown Shop

They’re here! Need a little extra help in battle? Now you can hire a henchman or two!

Helpful Pirate Henchmen from all around The Spiral are now available to assist you in battle! If you find yourself in a tough fight and in need of an extra hand, you’ll now be able to use Crowns to hire one of the several Henchmen of every class from level 15 to 65.

Much like Wizard101 you can hire a henchman to help you and your crew at anytime during a battle. Unlike Wizard101, you’ll be able to control these henchmen as if they were a member of your crew.

And what’s better, when you enter the Crown Shop and select the Henchman, your planning clock will restart. So you have more time to plan who goes where and who gets attacked.

Remember henchmen are in the Crown Shop. So use them wisely so you don’t waste your crowns.

You can learn more about henchmen at Pirate101’s Game Updates for August 30th.

Happy Battles.

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