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Thank you! See You In The Skyways!

vh-fullshot25Talk Like A Pirate Contest Weekend

We wanted to say thanks to everyone who participated in our Talk Like A Pirate Contests. We hope you had fun. We sure did.

For now, it’s time for us to get back to the Skyways. And in particular to Cool Ranch.

Captain Victoria Hobbes went to Los Muertos to speak with Sister Snake near the water fall by  the Cave of Echos.

Sister Snake told us: “Three Scars tricked me! After my oldest son transformed into Flying Snake, I gave Three Scars some of my venom to kill that abomination.”

The Captain and her crew are on their way to Big Sky to collect Broken Fangs from Flying Snake in order to appease Sister Snake and win her favor for the Bisons once again.

If you’re flying around Big Sky or the other skyways in Cool Ranch, maybe we’ll see you there! May the wind fill your sails and the sun be at your back.

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